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Water Literacy for English Language Learners

Environmental Curricula for English Language Leaners

The UCCE - Los Angeles County Natural Resources Program developed the Water curriculum for English language acquisition/English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for adults.

Environmental literacy - awareness, understanding, and stewardship of one's environment is an important aspect of membership in a community.  Immigrants in the United States should know that they have both rights to and responsibilities for a clean, healthy environment, and that the decisions they make personally, and that are made by communities and government at every level, can affect the environment.

In most of California, water is the key limiting factor for ecosystems as well as human societies and economies. Thus, the first curriculum unit we developed is called Water. Examples are drawn from the Los Angeles area, and include the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers, but we think these lessons can apply to cities in the arid Western US, and around the world.

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