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What You Can Do

Your participation can help slow and mitigate the spread of GSOB in Southern California. Whether it's attending workshops to learn how to treat GSOB infestations, reporting infested oaks and handling infested firewood properly, or simply raising awareness in your neighborhood, your involvement makes a difference. Thank you for your interest in protecting our oaks and our communities!


If you see symptoms of GSOB on oak trees on your property or in your neighborhood, please submit an online report to let researchers know.


Sticky Trap Line
Set and Monitor 'Sticky' Traps

You may collect an insect specimen from trees on your property and submit the sample to the Entomologists at the County of San Diego Agriculture, Weights and Measures Department for verification of GSOB.

Insect Sampling/Trapping and Submittal Guidelines (PDF)

Insect Sampling and Submittal Form (PDF)

Stay Informed

If you are interested in receiving GSOB information and announcements, subscribe to the e-mail mailing list.

Workshops on GSOB detection, monitoring, management, and more are regularly offered throughout southern California. Presenters are coordinated through a multi-agency cadre of specialists and scientists, who have research and work experience with goldspotted oak borer and related oak woodland issues.

Our Resources page provides downloadable management, outreach, and media toolkits.