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Health Activities For Kids

Healthy Cooking


What is it? This is a list of healthier food options that you can cook with your child at home. These recipes can help replace cravings your child may have for popular, but less healthy foods. 

How does it work? Each link has one recipe to follow. Each of these recipes will need help from an adult, but much can be done by a child. Some things you may need are a freezer, stove/hot plate, or an oven.

Why might this be a good choice for you and your child? Making small changes to move toward healthier food choices over time can help make those changes last a lifetime. Plus, cooking can help improve your child’s math skills and fine motor skills. 


Mirror Game (English and Spanish) 


What is it? This is a game that you can play with your child that can help your child understand different feelings or emotions. 

How does it work? Sit in front of a mirror or use handheld mirrors with your child. More instructions are listed below, depending on your child’s age.

Why might this be a good choice for you and your child? Being able to understand and talk about feelings will help your child manage “big emotions” like anger or sadness.


Bubble Bath Game (English, Spanish, Chinese)


What is it? This is a fun soap and bubbles activity that your child can do at home. This activity is meant to be similar to bath time.

How does it work? All you need is a container, a toy/doll, soap, and water to get started. The container can be a small bin, a large pot, a bucket, etc..

Why might this be a good choice for you and your child? This activity is especially helpful if bath time is a stressful/difficult activity for your child. Playing a game related to a home routine can help your child feel less stress during that routine, because your child can practice the routine during play time.


Exploring and Expressing Feelings: Naming Feelings (video)


What is it? A video for children to watch and name feelings with Sesame Street’s The Count.

How does it work? Watch the video with your children and talk about what other feelings they know the names of.

Why might this be a good choice for you and your child? Children can deal with strong feelings more easily when they are able to name the feelings.


Helping Children Express Their Emotions (videos)


What is it? You will find so many good resources on expressing emotions in this link. This starts with five simple ways to encourage children to share their feelings with you. Watch a short video of Sesame Street character, Rosita, talk to a grown-up to label her feelings. But don’t stop there, there are many more videos with Sesame Street characters which have to do with feelings like grief, school challenges, and more. There are also games and activities ideas for both children and parents.

How does it work? First click on “Parent/Caregiver.” To access Spanish language, click on top left : “Espanol.” Click around the site to discover more games, activities, and videos to explore emotions. 

Why might this be a good choice for you and your child?  By helping children talk about emotions, you can give labels to their feelings that will help them handle big feelings, little ones, and every feeling in between. When children talk about feelings, it can help reduce anxiety, help learn to self-soothe, and add to their long-term emotional and physical health.