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Story Activities for Kids

Book Reading: When Spring Comes 


What is it? A book reading of When Spring Comes, written by Kevin Henkes and illustrated by Laura Dronzek.

How does it work? Children can listen to Teacher Jill, and see the pages and pictures to learn about the Spring season.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? Children will learn about the natural world and the changing of seasons in a fun way.


Book Reading: Rino-Maní (in Spanish)


What is it? Audio-visual presentation of children’s story in Spanish. Teacher Patty reads the story, Rino-Mani in Spanish so that children can listen, follow the text and look at pictures.

How does it work? Play the video of the story for your child. Your child can listen, watch and read a funny story about Rino’s lunch adventure with his friends. This book shows friend relationships of helping, kindness and sharing. 

Why might this be a good choice for your child? Listening to books sparks 

your child’s imagination, expands their knowledge of their world, and improves 

their language and reading skills! With this book your child can learn about friend relationships, helping, kindness and sharing.


Book Reading: Caps for Sale 


What is it? Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina, as read by Teacher Patty.

How does it work? This is a slide show presentation with audio and storybook pages.  

Why might this be a good choice for your child? This is an entertaining tale about a peddler, some monkeys and some colorful hats. This book has repetitive phrases to help give confidence to a child while learning a story. It also presents expressing emotions. 


Story Time From Space


What is it? This is a youtube link to books read aloud by astronauts in space. 

There are videos in English and Spanish which range from 10 to 25 minutes in length.

How does it work? The youtube link takes you to the channel’s page, from there you can select which video you would like your child to watch.

Why might  this be a good choice for your child? Listening to books sparks your child’s imagination, expands their knowledge of their world, and improves her language and reading skills! Plus these stories may spark your child’s lifelong interest in “S.T.E.A.M” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math).


Book Reading: Not A Box


What is it? A “Live Action” book reading of Not A Box by Antoinette Portis.

How does it work? Enjoy as Teacher Jill reads and acts out a retelling of the story!

Why might this be a good choice for your child?  Spur creativity and imagination as children consider the possibilities of a simple box.


El Bicho Extraño (Musical Story in Spanish)


Que es? Este link es del canal YouTube de Musicando Badabadum. Donde cuentan cuentos con música.

Cómo funciona? Niños y niñas pueden escuchar y mirar este video y pueden participar en la canción. 

Porque es beneficioso? Los niños/as aprenden a raíz de la repetición. Con este cuento musical pueden practicar como seguir un ritmo musical. Pueden también trabajar habilidades de observación y repetición. Y este libro trae un final interesante que rompe el estereotipo de los libros.


Book Reading: Dandelion


What is it? Audio visual book reading of the story Dandelion by Don Freeman. Read by Teacher Patty with permission from Scholastic. 

How does it work? A book reading of the story Dandelion so that your child can listen and watch pictures of the book.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? This is a classic story of Dandelion the lion who is invited to a tea party and decides to fancy himself up but is not recognized when he goes to the party. In the end, he realizes that he will not try to pretend to be someone else but will remain true to himself.


Story Stone Stories and How-To video


What is it? This is a video in which Teacher Lourdes shows children how to make Story Stones and how to tell stories with them. It is about 15 minutes long.

How does it work? Watch video and follow the steps or simply copy what you see.

Why might it be a good choice for your child? Sequencing (knowing what happens first, next and last) is a skill children need in order to recognize patterns to understand the world around them. Hearing and telling stories helps them practice this skill. They learn to understand that events happen in a logical order and they can start to predict what will happen next. This skill will be important as it helps them succeed in their future in school.


Book Reading: The Tiny Seed


What is it? This video has audio of Teacher Jill reading while showing pages of Eric Carle’s book The Tiny Seed. Follow the life and growth of this tiny seed from one autumn to another; from seed to magnificent flower. 

How does it work?  This story has been enhanced with sound effects to immerse the viewer in the story. 

Why might this be a good choice for your child? This book beautifully details the life cycle of a flower. It also has a message about patience and not comparing yourself to others.