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NPI's Role in Adult Direct Education Evaluation

What is Adult Direct Education Evaluation?

Starting in FFY 2022, all CalFresh Healthy Living (CFHL) State Implementing Agencies (SIAs) will begin evaluating adult direct education that consists of at least 4 sessions delivered over at least 4 weeks. Nutrition Policy Institute (NPI) leads this effort for the California Department of Public Health’s CFHL program.

Evaluation of adult direct education in all sites that meet the eligibility criteria is a new and significant undertaking for Local Health Departments (LHDs) that administer CFHL programming. Evaluation design consists of administering the CalFresh Healthy Living Adult Survey prior to direct education delivery, and then again after the final session is complete.

How does Nutrition Policy Institute contribute to Adult Direct Education Evaluation?

  • Start-to-finish project coordination
  • FFY 20 assessment of feasibility and LHD needs to conduct adult evaluation
  • Input on design of evaluation tool, modified Food Behavior Checklist (FBC), via participation in the all-SIA Evaluation Work Group
    • Design of supplemental (pre-test) questions
    • Support their use in both paper form and web-based (Survey123), in 11 languages
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) preparation, submission, and modification (OSPHD CPHS)
  • Regular project communication, including development and maintenance of Adult Direct Education Evaluation website and relevant, timely listserv announcements
  • Development of evaluation resources:
  • Delivery of training and technical assistance:
  • Data support, analysis, and dissemination
    • Regular feedback of survey (web-based) progress for LHDs
    • Data cleaning and matching
    • Delivery of end-of-year data deliverables to CDSS
    • Data analysis and preparation of reports and peer-reviewed publications
    • Annual development of matched pre/post datasets and other data dissemination materials for each LHD

What is the value of this contribution?

NPI’s leadership and coordination is essential for the success of this collective, state-wide CFHL evaluation effort. NPI’s provision of quality training and technical assistance will result in the use of sound data collection methodology. We look forward to assisting our LHDs in their implementation of this evaluation, and sharing the valuable programmatic data it provides.