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Snails and Slugs Abound

My Hosta and other tender perennial plants are getting eaten by something.  The leaves have big chewing marks and in some cases the whole plant is almost gone.  What is eating my plants?


Snails and slugs are among the most troublesome garden pest.  They like moist conditions and shelter from sunlight.  They feed at night on decaying matter and do most damage on young seedlings and soft, tender leafy vegetative plant parts and fruit.  To control snails and slugs eliminate hiding places and shelter spots.  Handpicking can be effective if done regularly.  Copper foil barrier tape on raised beds and around tree trunks is effective for keeping them out.  Diatomaceous earth can be an effective barrier but difficult to maintain.  Snail baits can be effective if used in conjunction with cultural practices. 

UC Publication 7424:  Snails and Slugs