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Gardener's Companion

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Information on this page is adapted from “A Gardener’s Companion for the Central San Joaquin Valley,” 3rd edition. Get your copy from  Fresno County Master Gardeners for $30. 

 Gardening Questions answered at mgfresno@ucdavis.edu Prepared by Judy Parker, Master Gardener UCCE Fresno County.

Garden Checklist for the week of July 23, 2021

  Forget the guilt about what’s going on outside. It’s not your fault that it’s hot!


   Check sprinklers and adjust timers weekly if necessary.
   Pre-irrigate to soften the ground for tilling in preparation for fall gardens.

   When the lawn needs mowing, mow cool-season grasses, such as tall fescue, to 3 inches and bermudagrass to 1 inch. Mowing shorter than these levels will encourage weeds and a shallow, less drought tolerant root structure.

   Prune apricot, oleander and olive trees during dry weather to reduce future disease problems.



  Cut back on fertilizer when water is limited and landscape plants remain in drought survival mode.

   Avoid planting annuals and perennials unless it is absolutely necessary.
   Bulbs, corms, tubers: autumn crocus.

autumn crocus

   A few winter vegetables may be planted from seed. Consult the California Garden Web for more information.

Judy Parker, MG UCCE Fresno County

Consult the California Garden Web for more information.

Enjoy Now!

     Annuals and perennials: fibrous begonia (Begonia semperflorens), vinca (Catharanthus), cockscomb (Celosia), morning glory (Convolvulus tricolor).

Fibrous Begonia

     Bulbs, corms, tubers: dahlia.
     Trees, shrubs, vines: trumpet vine (Campsis), hydrangea, morning glory (Ipomoea).
peegee hydrangea

     Fruits and vegetables: eggplant, fig, garlic, grapes, onion.

Things to ponder

   Keep water away from trunks of trees and crowns of plants.
     Drought tip:  Preserve the largest climate appropriate plants in the landscape. Mature trees and large shrubs may take many years or even decades to replace, while groundcovers, lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens can be re-established in a season or two.

Clovis water schedule

Fresno water schedule

Seasonal IPM Information

redhumped caterpillar

Foliage feed caterpillars

Most flowers are susceptible to damage from caterpillars of one or more species. Caterpillars are the immature or larval stage of moths and butterflies. Only the larval stage chews plants. Although adults consume only liquids, such as nectar and water, they are important because they choose which plants to lay eggs on. Larvae have three pairs of legs on the thorax (the area immediately behind the head) and leglike appendages on some, but not all, segments of the abdomen.

Identification of species

For information about seasonal pests see the

UCANR Seasonal IPM checklist.

Seasonal Produce

What produce is in season and where can you find it? 

Fresno farmer's markets will help you find Farmers Markets, Farm Stands and CSAs in Fresno County

summer veggies