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This Week in the Garden

Gardener's Companion

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Information on this page is adapted from “A Gardener’s Companion for the Central San Joaquin Valley,” 3rd edition (2017). Get your copy from  Fresno County Master Gardeners for $30. Makes a great gift for all your gardening friends.

 Gardening questions answered at mgfresno@ucanr.edu

Prepared by Terry Lewis, UCANR Fresno County Master Gardener.

  • This week in the garden: March 1 - 7

    Mar 1, 2024

    Herbs thrive in the San Joaquin Valley because of our climate. March is a great time for spring planting.


    • Check drip systems, sprinklers, and other irrigation systems for repair needs.
    • Flush irrigation lines and inspect sprinkler valves for proper operation.
    • Protect transplants from cutworms by putting a barrier, such as a paper collar, around the stem.


    • Deadhead winter annuals to prolong bloom.
    • For bulbs, deadhead spent blooms only. Leave foliage and stalk to wither naturally to provide nutrients for next year's flowers.


    • Fertilize stone fruit, pear, apple, and nut trees and berries with one third of the needed annual amount of fertilizer.
    • Fertilize citrus when trees begin to bloom.


    • Plant Easter lilies in full sun in outdoor beds after blossoms fade. They will bloom next May or early June.
    • Annuals: alstromeria, Kangaroo paw (antigozanthos), and petunia, plant from seed.
    • Bulbs, corms, tubers: fairy lily (Zephyranthes).
    • Fruits and vegetables: beets, chard, spinach, and turnips from seed.
    • Perennials: coral bells(Heuchera), maiden grass (Miscanthus), fountain grass (Pennisetum), sage (Salvia), pincushion flower (Scabiosa).
    • Trees, shrubs, vines: clematis, dogwood (Cornus), rockrose (Cistus), hop bush (Dodonaea viscosa), cotoneaster.

    Enjoy now

    • Annuals and perennials: candytuft, iris, lobelia, forget-me-not (Myosotis), poppy.
    • Bulbs, corms, tubers: ranunculus, tulip.
    • Trees, shrubs, vines: orange, rhaphiolepis, rhododendron, lilac (Syringa vulgaris).
    • Fruits and vegetables: potatoes, radish, rutabaga, spinach, strawberry, turnip.

    Things to ponder

    • Give new plants ample water until root system is established.
    • Bermudagrass will begin to green up as the soil temperature rises.

    By Terry Lewis
    Prepared by

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