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Growing Food in Tahoe Program

Growing Food in Tahoe (6)
The Growing Food in Tahoe Program encourages gardeners to grow food that is well suited to the Tahoe climate.

As Master Gardeners, we are interested in finding out which edible plants grow best in our unique Tahoe climate.

We often get asked what edible plants can I grow in my home garden?

The answer can be complicated. That is why in 2015, we started our Growing Food in Tahoe program to study which plant varieties grow best in our climate. Varietal phenology is the study of periodic phenomena that occur in relation to weather and climate.

In horticultural terms, it’s the timing of plant growth within a season. But, we aren’t just looking at climate, we are also assessing soil type, exposure, and bed type. Our goal is to determine which plant variety fits into our short Tahoe growing season.

We also want to get an idea of which horticultural method is most conducive to optimal plant growth such as raised beds, hoop houses, hugel mounds and/or direct sowing.

Resources to get you growing…

Growing Food in Tahoe Program Presentations

These presentations are specific to our Growing Food in Tahoe phenology study which seeks to determine which plant varieties grow best in our Tahoe climate. Starting in 2015 UCCE Master Gardeners have been giving presentations around the lake on plant phenology. Specific plant presentations include garlic, onions, kale/lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, raspberries, strawberries, and asparagus.

Christmas Valley family garden
Christmas Valley family garden
Edible Garden Stories…

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