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Information Resources on Berries (UCCE) - comprehensive list of berry resources, ranging from general production information to plant sources.

Growing Cane Berries in the Sacramento Region - information about species and varieties, cultural information, and trellising/pruning.

Crop Profile for Caneberries in California - general information, production practices, and pest control information for caneberry production in California.

UC Cost Studies:

U-Pick Operations

Planning for Agritourism - sample documents related to various stages of the process of planning and regulating agritourism in California, gathered by the UC Small Farm Program.

Plant Sources

Boston Mountain Nurseries
Located in Arizona. Caneberries, blueberries and grapevines.

Fall Creek Nursery
Located in Oregon, but knowledgeable about the Foothills. Blueberries.

L.E. Cooke Co.
Blueberries, caneberries & strawberries.

NorCal Nurseries
Located in Red Bluff, CA. Caneberries and strawberries.

Hartmann’s Plant Company
Located in Michigan. Blueberries, caneberries & more.

Kriegers Wholesale Nursery
Located in Michigan. Blueberries, caneberries, strawberries & more.

Dave Wilson Nursery
Berries for homeowner market, not commercial.

Weeks Berry Nursery
Located in Oregon. Blueberries, caneberries, strawberries, & more.

UC Davis Foundation Plant Services
May also have some berries available.




Blueberries- UC Small Farms Program - information for growing and marketing blueberries for the small-scale blueberry farmer.

Organic Blueberry Production- ATTRA - this production guide addresses key aspects of organic blueberry production, including soils and fertility, cultural considerations, pests, and diseases, as well as marketing.

Highbush Blueberry Production- Penn State - this four-page publication covers blueberry marketing, production considerations, pest management, and post-harvest handling, and includes sample budgets and references for more information.

Blueberry Site Preparation - what to do in terms of land preparation prior to planting blueberries. 


California Strawberry Commission - Strawberry Commission activities fall into five major areas: food safety, production and nutrition research, trade relations, public relations and public policy.  On this site, you will find relevant strawberry information about all of these areas.  


Red Raspberry Production- Penn State - information about growing, harvesting, and storing red raspberries.  

North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association - a wide range of information, ranging from production practices, to consumer-relation advice about raspberries and blackberries.

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