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Grower Resources and Links

Cut Flower Production Resources (PDF) (UCCE) - resources for cut flowers, lavender, lilacs, peonies, and IPM for flowers.

Lavender Plant and Seed Sources (PDF) (UCCE) - comprehensive list of sources for lavender plant and seed sources throughout the USA.

Extending the Freshness of Cut Flowers (PDF) (UCANR)

UC Nursery and Floriculture Alliance (UCNFA) - part of the University of California, this group focuses on providing education and training for growers who produce greenhouse ornamental crops and outdoor nursery products.

Growing Cut Flowers for Market (PDF) - from North Dakota State University, a great resource that highlights the various aspects of growing cut flowers, from seed to sale.

Sustainable Cut Flower Production (ATTRA) - a comprehensive guide that covers production basics, harvest and post-harvest handling, business planning and record keeping, and resources for further information.

Woody Ornamentals for Cut Flower Growers (ATTRA) - If you are a cut-flower grower, woody ornamentals can be some of the best plants for extending your season and filling out your bouquets. This publication covers getting started, what to plant, harvest and post-harvest, and marketing channels, as well as offering sources of further information.

California Cut Flower Commission - California advocacy group for flower growers.  This website also has good floriculture information and other resources.

Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers - Lots of great information on field-grown, greenhouse, and woody perennial specialty cut flowers.

Care and Handling of Cut Flowers (PDF) (Oklahoma State)

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