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Farm Business Planning


1: Mission And Vision

2: Farm Economics

3: Capital Purchases

4: Operations Planning

5: Marketing Plan and Costs

6: Risk Management

7: Transition & Succession

8: Action Planning


Understanding that your agricultural operation is a business will help you to run it with long-term sustainability in mind. To really do this well, you need to create a farm business plan. This document is vital for developing and shaping your operation. It also plays a key role in helping you sustain your operation over the long term, obtain funding and other resources, and manage risk. 

Creating this plan won't happen overnight. It requires a lot of thought, conversation, realism, and research. It also is a "living document": it evolves and changes as your goals, circumstances, and needs change.

A business plan is made up of a series of parts. To complete your business plan click on each numbered module and create the parts of your business plan discussed in that module.

We offer a 6-week Farm Business Planning Class every winter!  Please check the Event Calendar for dates.

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