Foothill Farming
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Foothill Farming

More SOP Ideas and Information

Farm/Ranch Jobs that Could Benefit from SOPs:

  • Field and packing sanitation practices for food safety purposes
  • Irrigation equipment and schedules
  • Tractor and other equipment operation and maintenance
  • Planting schedules and bed rotation
  • Soil amendments, plus their management and application
  • Cover crop components and process
  • Grazing rotation
  • Pesticide application
  • Pond maintenance
  • Manure handling and management
  • Fence maintenance and repair plan


  • For crop/orchard operations, instructions for
    • varietal-specific needs and care
    • locations of specific varietals
    • post-harvest handling for food safety purposes
    • bed and field management, including pre- and post-season field preparation
    • protected cultivation equipment maintenance
  • For livestock operations, instructions for
    • foot baths
    • breed-specific needs
    • shearing
    • vaccination
    • culling
    • moving, handling, and restraining
    • castrating
    • feeding
    • breeding
    • managing guardian animals


Resources and Other SOP Examples:

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