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Multi-Species Academy Reference Information


The links below will take you to information that shows on your binder as being on a CD. This web page is being used to replace the need for a CD.

Multi-Species Academy Binder Chapter 4 - Livestock Behavior and Handling

Bud Williams Stockmanship Notes

The list below can be found as pdf files at This is the direct link for the fax sheets listed below:

Learning About Foods and Locations
Mother Knows Best
Palatability - More Than a Matter of Taste
Does Variety Matter?
Variation: Are We Missing Opportunities
Training Animal to Avoid Foods
Introducing Animals to New Foods
Carbohydrate Reserves and Plant Tolerance
Factors Influencing Grazing Tolerance

Multi-species Academy Binder Chapter 5 - Ecology

Multi-species Academy Binder Chapter 6 - Grazing

Multi-species Academy Binder Chapter 11 - Nutrition


Multi-species Academy Binder Chapter 12 - Reproduction


Multi-Species Academy Binder Chapter 13 - Health and Guard Dogs


Multi-Species Academy Binder Chapter 14 - Economics and Marketing

Economic articles were taken from the Ranch Management Consultants Archives. They teach the week-long Ranching for Profit School.

Here is the archives link:

 Here is a link to their home page for more information:

Small Ruminant Resource Manual

 Research on Livestock Guardian Dog Behavior


Raising and Training a Livestock-guarding Dog

Multi-Species Videos

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