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  • Who knows??? - Operational Continuity

    Added January 24, 2019
    Happy Apple Kitchen

      The other day as I noticed the bright shoots of green from daffodil bulbs popping up from under the leaves, I was reminded of the silly little sprinklers lining the landscaped space near my family home. My grandpa had put in the great little irrigation system, years ago, while my parents were building the house. Not long after my grandpa passed away unexpectedly. Nobody ever thought to ask about that irrigation system until a few years later when the house was completed and the...

  • Did You Miss the Farmer-to-Farmer Breakfast?

    Added January 14, 2019
    Domenic Fino talks with a room of farmers about crop insurance options at the January 9th Farmer-to-Farmer Breakfast in Auburn.

      A room full of farmers came out on a rainy Wednesday morning to enjoy breakfast together. Our guest speaker, Domenic Fino of Golden Pacific Crop Insurance Services, came all the way from Dinuba, California. He is a farmer, with a family legacy of farming and has been in the crop insurance business for 17 years. Revenue - While farm acreage and the number of zeros after the dollar sign may be smaller for local farms, revenue earned is revenue that can be lost and can be insured. Fino...

  • Risk - What are You Waiting For?

    Added January 2, 2019
    Erosion comparison, control on the left, cover crop on the right.

    Risk – What are you waiting for? As the old saying goes, when it rains it pours. Nobody knows that better than we do right now, literally. For most farmers, rain is a good thing. However, for mandarin growers the amounts of rain and lengthy periods of high humidity are not good for mandarins in the middle of the season. This brings up the issue of risk on the farm. Drought, wildfire, food safety issues, crop loss, rain or frost damage are just a few of those risks. Despite the...

  • Open House - Do you know what University of California Cooperative Extension Placer & Nevada Counties Agriculture Programs do?

    Added December 10, 2018
    Small Animal Grazing School 2018

    That is a long name for a little job right? Nope! The UCCE Placer & Nevada Counties serves a growing number of small farmers and ranchers in these two counties. Over 75% of commercial farms and ranches are small scale(less than 50 acres). While the acreage of land in farms may be declining, the number of small farms is increasing. Over 500 local small-scale farmers and ranchers participate in our workshops and field meetings each year! Why is UCCE Placer & Nevada Counties' work so...

  • “There’s no point in having a dull knife (pun intended)”

    Added November 30, 2018
    Sharpened and sanitized pruners and other tools can decrease the chance of spreading disease.

      There is nothing more frustrating than having to fix or track down a tool in order to use it when it is needed on the farm. As Livestock and Natural Resource Advisor, Dan Macon would say, “There's no point in having a dull knife (no pun intended) – poorly maintained tools make us less efficient and can actually be dangerous. Setting aside time for maintenance is an investment in future productivity!” Sadly, there are a lot of dull, rusted tools out there, even on...

  • Support Your Local Bee Keepers: how you can do your part

    Added October 15, 2018
    bee hives in field

    The humming sound of busy honeybees filled the fall air, darting back and forth as I followed longtime beekeeper Randy Oliver around his bee yard. I was there to learn about a new issue for local beekeepers. Oliver explained that local honeybee colonies have been robbed of their honey in places they have been kept year-after-year for several decades. Robbed?? Yes, by other honeybees, from hives from other parts of California. In the last couple years, numerous out-of-area hives have been...

  • Farm Preparation for Wildfire and Other Emercencies

    Added September 14, 2018
    Farm country sign

    According to many state fire officials, we no longer have simply a ‘Fire Season' but a ‘Fire Year'. In winter drought conditions, some parts of our region do not receive enough rain to mitigate fire danger.  It is more important than ever to constantly assess your farm for fire safety and be prepared for any emergency. The following information will assist you in thinking through four important areas of disaster preparedness for your farm: Paperwork & Plans, Farm Map...

  • Fire Season Is Not Over Yet

    Added August 27, 2018
    Fire Preparation plan 53968 original

    Local fire agencies have warned that fire season is not over. Cooler temperatures are a relief but not a stop sign for wildfire. As of last week, according to Chief Marc Bashoor at  over 50 fires still rage in the Western United States, at varying degrees of containment, California taking the brunt of the damage. It is important that local farmers and ranchers continue to take necessary precautions against wildfires and other disasters. How can you be prepared? The following...

  • National Honey Bee Day: August 18, 2018

    Added July 31, 2018
    National Honey Bee Day

    National Honey Bee Day - Aug. 18, 2018: Brush up on your knowledge of bee protection Author: Stephanie Parreira Celebrate National Honey Bee Day by brushing up on your knowledge of bee protection—check out the newly revised Best Management Practices to Protect Bees from Pesticides and Bee Precaution Pesticide Ratings from UC IPM. These resources will help you strike the right balance between applying pesticides to protect crops and reducing the risk of harming our most important...

  • Working on the Business

    Added July 31, 2018
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    Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend the Sheep Industry Innovators Conference organized by lamb processor Superior Farms at UC Davis. The conference brought together sheep producers from throughout the U.S. - both large and small. While much of the conference was focused on technology, one of the early speakers talked about business innovation and disruption - topics that apply to all types of farms and ranches! If you're an alumnus of our Farm Business Planning Short Course,...

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