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Small Beetle, Big Problem

Invasive shothole borers (ISHB) are two closely related species of small, non-native, beetles that bore into trees. ISHB introduce fungi that cause a tree disease called Fusarium dieback (FD). The ISHB-FD pest-disease complex is responsible for the death of thousands of trees in Southern California and poses an imminent threat to the integrity of our urban and natural forests.

Invasive shothole borers attack a wide variety of tree species including avocados,  common landscape selections, and California native species in urban and wildland environments.

For more information about invasive shothole borers and Fusarium dieback, view the video below and explore this website.

Online Training

ISHB eXtension Training! The course is served by the eXtension national online learning platform.

ISHB Detection & Management Assessment

Before reporting infestations, take the ISHB Detection Assessment to see if your tree is suffering from ISHB damage.

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