Invasive Shot Hole Borers
Invasive Shot Hole Borers
Invasive Shot Hole Borers
University of California
Invasive Shot Hole Borers


If you would like to speak with someone about Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer/Fusarium Dieback (PSHB/FD) or Kuroshio Shot Hole Borer/Fusarium Dieback (KSHB/FD), program contact information is listed below or you can use the Contacts by County map to find information for the University of California Cooperative Extension in your county.


Sabrina Drill
Natural Resource Advisor
UC Cooperative Extension,
Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
669 County Square Drive, #100
Ventura, CA 93003-5401
(805) 645-1451

Abigail Barraza
Community Education Specialist II
UC Cooperative Extension,
San Diego County
9335 Hazard Way, Ste. 201
San Diego, CA 92123


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