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Primary Materials & Handouts

ISHB Overview
ISHB-FD: A Devastating Threat to California Trees (5/2020)
ISHB-FD: Una devastadora amenasa para los arboles de California (3/2020)                                                                              ISHB California Resident Advisory (5/2021)
Invasive Shothole Borers - an Ongoing Threat to California's Trees, UC IPM Green Bulletin, Summer 2021
ISHB-FD A Pest/Disease Complex of Avocado and Landscape Trees (3/2021)
Tree Notes #35, Invasive Shothole Borers, CAL FIRE, (8/2020)
Invasive Shothole Borers Threatening Trees in Southern California, UC IPM Green Bulletin (12/2016)

Diagnosis & Management
ISHB-FD: Identifying Symptoms and Look-alike Pests (5/2020)
ISHB-FD: How to Sample a Suspect Tree (12/2020)
Monitoring Trap Guidelines (5/2020)
ISHB-FD: Prioritizing Management Efforts (5/2020)
ISHB-FD: How to Handle Infested Material (5/2020)
Managing ISHB in Southern California, UC IPM Green Bulletin, Fall 2018
Reducing the Spread of Invasive Pests in Cut Wood, UC IPM Green Bulletin, Fall 2018

Tree Host Specific
A Pest Disease Complex on Avocado in California (5/2020)
Alerta de Plaga. PSHB en Aguacate
Best Management Practices for ISHB-FD in Avocado
ISHB-FD Sycamore Assessment 
ISHB-FD on Palms (1/2017)

Guides for Land Managers and Survey Crews
ISHB and Associated Host ID Guide (1/2007)

Spanish Language

Aviso a los residentes de California (8/2021)
ISHB-FD: Una devastadora amenasa para los arboles de California (3/2020)
ISHB Folleto Para Propietarios
Alerta de Plaga