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Primary Materials & Handouts

ISHB Overview
UC IPM Pest Notes, Publication 74179, Invasive Shothole Borers (8/2023)
Invasive Tree Pests: Beware of This Costly Triple Threat (12/2022) 
ISHB California Resident Advisory (5/2021)
Invasive Shothole Borers - an Ongoing Threat to California's Trees, UC IPM Green Bulletin, Summer 2021
ISHB-FD A Pest/Disease Complex of Avocado and Landscape Trees (3/2021)
Tree Notes #35, Invasive Shothole Borers, CAL FIRE, (8/2020)
Invasive Shothole Borers Threatening Trees in Southern California, UC IPM Green Bulletin (12/2016)

Diagnosis & Management
ISHB-FD: Identifying Symptoms and Look-alike Pests (5/2020)
ISHB-FD: A Devastating Threat to California Trees (5/2020)
ISHB-FD: Una devastadora amenasa para los arboles de California (3/2020)

ISHB-FD: How to Sample a Suspect Tree (12/2020)
Monitoring Trap Guidelines (5/2020)
ISHB-FD: Prioritizing Management Efforts (5/2020)
ISHB-FD: How to Handle Infested Material (5/2020)
Managing ISHB in Southern California, UC IPM Green Bulletin, Fall 2018
Reducing the Spread of Invasive Pests in Cut Wood, UC IPM Green Bulletin, Fall 2018

Tree Host Specific
Three Preferred Tree Hosts of Invasive Shothole Borers (3/2022)
A Pest Disease Complex on Avocado in California (5/2020)
Alerta de Plaga. PSHB en Aguacate
Best Management Practices for ISHB-FD in Avocado
ISHB-FD Sycamore Assessment 
ISHB-FD on Palms (1/2017)

Guides for Land Managers and Survey Crews
ISHB and Associated Host ID Guide (1/2007)

Spanish Language

Aviso a los residentes de California (8/2021)
ISHB-FD: Una devastadora amenasa para los arboles de California (3/2020)
ISHB Folleto Para Propietarios
Alerta de Plaga