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6th Forum Presentations


Welcome Presentation (PDF)

Keynote Speakers:

The Political Economy of Water Policy, Presentation (PDF) – John Briscoe, Brazil

The Realities of Water in Agriculture: An Increasingly Agriculture, An Increasingly Unreal World, Presentation (PDF) – Margaret Catley-Carlson, Canada

Session One: Presentation (PDF)

Integrating Agricultural Water Use with the Global Water Budget, Paper (PDF), Presentation (PDF) – Malin Falkenmark, Stockholm

Integrated Watershed Management Towards Sustainable Solutions in Africa, Abstract (PDF) - Akissa Bahri

Session Two: Presentation (PDF)

Globalization of Water through Virtual Water Trade, Presentation (PDF) - Hong Yang, Switzerland

Modern Agriculture Under Stress: Lessons from the Murray-Darling, Presentation (PDF) – Wendy Craik, Australia

Session Three: Presentation (PDF)

Optimizing Water Productivity in Food Production, Presentation (PDF) - Elias Fereres

Water Productivity: Challenges Facing Agricultural Development, Presentation (PDF) – Shawki Barghouti, United Arab Emirates

Session Four: Presentation (PDF)

Balancing Water for People and Nature, Paper (PDF), Presentation (PDF) - Uriel Safriel, Israel

Optimizing Water for Life, Presentation (PDF) – Daniel (Pete) Loucks, United States

Session Five: Presentation (PDF)

Beyond Universal Remedies for Good Water Governance: A Political and Contextual Approach, Presentation (PDF) - Helen Ingram, United States

Promises Under Construction: The Evolving Paradigm for Water Governance and the Case of Northern Mexico, Presentation (PDF) - Margaret Wilder, United States

Session Six: Presentation (PDF)

The Spanish National Water Policy, Presentation (PDF) - Consuelo Varela

Lessons for Spain: A Critical Assessment of the Role of Science and Society, Presentation (PDF) – Alberto Garrido, Spain

Summary Presentation (PDF) - Peter Gleick, United States