University of California

California RREA Program Logic Model

In 2018 NIFA released a new national 2018-2022 RREA Strategic Plan
To best utilize the new plan, this group of UC ANR academics met several times and developed a logic model for the UC ANR California RREA program:
Mohsen Mesgaran, Assistant Professor, Plant Sciences, UC Davis
Loralee Larios, Assistant Professor, Botany & Plant Sciences, UC Riverside
Faith Kearns, Academic Coordinator, California Institute for Water Resources
The logic model focuses on aspects of the national RREA strategic plan that are most relevant for California and also makes the connection between intended project outcomes and UC ANR's condition changes and public value statements.
We invite you to to view the UC ANR California Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA) Program Logic Model: UC ANR Renewable Resources Extension Act Logic Model .


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