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UC ANR uses its seven public values to communicate how our work makes a difference to the public. For example, see the UC ANR Annual Report and the UC Delivers blog. For more information on how these are used please see the UC ANR condition changes web page. Below are the UC ANR public values and the statements that describe them.


UC ANR: Promoting economic prosperity in California

California’s vibrant, diverse economy is the sixth largest in the world. To maintain its competitive edge, California must overcome technical, social, and environmental challenges. Factors such as growing population, water scarcity, and strong regulations mean California must innovate and adapt to maintain its economic resilience and vigor. UC ANR partners with public, non-profit, and private groups to create and extend new knowledge about agricultural and natural resource management. Participants change practices that result in increased yield and efficiency as well as reduced inputs, thus increasing economic return. UC ANR also conducts research and education leading to improvements in individual and household financial management practices. These changes improve individual and business financial stability, increasing the viability of California’s economy and maintaining our role as a global leader.

UC ANR: Developing a qualified workforce for California

California requires a highly skilled workforce to remain a competitive, prosperous, and an innovative global leader. UC ANR’s extensive network links campuses and communities across California to develop information and tools needed to train workers within urban, agricultural, and natural resource communities. UC ANR’s youth and community development programs equip the next generation for college, successful careers, and to be active participants in their communities. Growers and land managers learn cutting edge skills that increase workforce competency and advance innovation. UC ANR helps develop a qualified workforce to increase opportunities for individuals to ensure a robust and thriving state economy.

UC ANR: Safeguarding abundant and healthy food for all Californians

California is a national and global leader in food production and agricultural export. The state faces social, regulatory, economic, and environmental challenges that affect our agricultural and food systems, our communities, and our public health. UC ANR’s research creates practical solutions leading to improvements in food production and processing practices. Given one out of every eight Californians does not know where their next meal will come from, UC ANR educational programs enable individuals and households to improve their food budgets and food management practices. As a result, Californians have increased access to abundant, affordable, safe, and healthy food.  

UC ANR: Protecting California’s natural resources 

From the mountains to the coast, California’s diverse environment is world-renowned and widely visited. The state’s natural resources face threats from climate change, urban sprawl, air and water pollution, and invasive species. UC ANR translates research into actionable management strategies to protect our farming, ranching, forestry, and urban environments. Through outreach and education, participants learn to adopt recommended practices, such as grazing and rangeland management, sustainable use of forest and wildland resources, protection against fire, and water conservation. These measures contribute to improving air, soil, and water quality while also protecting wildlife and plant habitat. Increased ecological sustainability of agriculture, forestry, and urban landscapes helps California realize the many benefits of the state’s rich and diverse natural resources.

UC ANR: Building climate-resilient communities and ecosystems

Climate change negatively impacts the health and quality of life for all Californians. The associated rise in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather threatens crops, increases the risk of catastrophic wildfires, adversely affects fish and wildlife, and limits water supplies while also increasing flood risk. UC ANR conducts research to understand and develop solutions to increase the resilience of agriculture, communities, and natural ecosystems to extreme weather and climate change. Our programs assist communities, farmers, and ranchers in implementing climate-smart soil and water management practices, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in forested and working landscapes, and expanding public awareness of climate risks and effective adaptation strategies. As a result, communities are better prepared and able to deal with the growing risk of fire, droughts, and flood hazards. Our work leads to a safer, more climate-resilient California. 

UC ANR: Promoting healthy people and communities

California’s rapid population growth increases pressure on community resources, presenting numerous challenges to health and safety. Adult and childhood obesity is a public health crisis for the state and nation, resulting in a range of negative health consequences. UC ANR produces tools, programs, and policy-relevant research that result in healthy living for individuals and communities. Program participants adopt healthier lifestyles and communities gain improved access to green spaces and healthy foods. Benefits also include safe drinking water, clean air, and reduced exposure to pesticides.  In this way, UC ANR promotes public health for people and the communities where they live, learn, work, and play.  Collectively these efforts contribute to a healthier California, improving public health and reducing healthcare costs.

UC ANR: Developing an inclusive and equitable society

California is the most diverse state in the nation by many standards, including race/ethnicity, languages, and socio-economics. We continue to be challenged by social, health, and economic inequity. UC ANR is committed to reaching all segments of the state’s population. UC ANR academics live and work in all California communities, building trust and credibility to solve local problems together. UC ANR builds cultural competency skills, implements community-centered programs, and develops proactive policies to increase diversity and inclusiveness. UC ANR is recognized as a nationwide leader in researching and addressing inclusion and diversity in youth serving programs. Through these efforts, all Californians will experience greater access to social and economic opportunity and advancement.


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