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2013-2014 Funded Projects

Cal Naturalist Training, Southern California
Cal Naturalist Training, Southern California
Cal Naturalist Program Training, Central Sierra
Cal Naturalist Program Training, Central Sierra












California Naturalist Program Support for Southern California, Year 2

Project Leader: Sabrina Drill UC Cooperative Extension Los Angeles County

The statewide ANR California Naturalist Program is a certification program developed to instill deep appreciation for the natural communities of the state and to inspire individuals to become informed stewards and interpreters of their local resources. This year with RREA support we established new partnerships in Southern California; held four advanced training webinars in partnership with UC Press authors; completed the California Current Ecosystem publication; represented the UCANR California Naturalist at local and national venues and statewide the program certified 230 new naturalists.  


Bringing the California Naturalist Program to the Central Sierra Nevada

Project Leader: Scott Oneto UC Cooperative Extension Central Sierra

This RREA project involved forming the central Sierra Nevada regions for the California Naturalist program. During the first year we developed sponsor partnerships, coordinated training sessions, recruited program volunteers, developed curriculum materials, delivered two California Naturalist training courses and wrote the draft of a UC Publication, Bio Regional Assessment of the Sierra Nevada.


Development of a Pesticide Calibration Application for Smartphone Use

Project Leader: Joseph DiTomaso UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences

RREA provided for the development of a smartphone app to use for calibrating pesticide sprayers. Earlier studies showed that pesticide application is not often needed in the management of grass and natural lands and that when it is needed landowners and professional managers tend to rely on "seat-of-the-pants" estimates rather than full calibration of their application equipment. We designed and developed an app that walks a casual applicator through the calibration procedure; weed scientists and agency representatives at talks presented strongly indicated the app would be a very valuable tool in the field.


Annual Rangeland Management Handbook

Project Leader: Melvin George Emeritus: UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences

Please click here: George projectfor this multi-year project details. During the second year progress was made on several objectives, chapters have been drafted and submitted for peer review and the published and unpublished reports gathered from research stations, and USDA Livestock and range publications going back to 1895, were scanned, downloaded and linked to the California Rangelands website.


The California Fish Phone App: Beta Testing an Educational Tool

Project Leader: Lisa Thompson UC Davis Wildlife & Fisheries Biology

RREA funding helped to develop, beta test, and refine an app to educate landowners and managers about California fishes in an interactive, outdoor setting. The purpose of the project is to increase public stakeholders understanding and knowledge of California freshwater fish species to better allow for their participation in fish conservation and water management issues facing California's natural areas and rangelands. The phone app includes fish species lists based on the user’s GPS location, with links to photographs and descriptions of the fishes life history and habitat and was launched in May 2014, via the California Fish Website.

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