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Vegetable Gardening Workshops

Beginning Vegetable Gardening

If you are new to vegetable gardening or just want a refresher, here are a list of resources to guide you.

Introduction to Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable Garden Basics

by Pamela M. Geisel, UCCE Farm Advisor, Environmental Horticulture, Fresno County

If just starting your first vegetable garden or want a refresher on the basics, take a look at 'Vegetable Garden Basics' by Pamela M. Geisel. She introduces and explains important points for a successful vegetable garden.

UCANR - Vegetable Garden Basics

Starting a Victory Vegetable Garden

By Jodi Bay, UCCE Master Gardener, San Diego County

An article published in the San Diego Union Tribune that explains the steps to take in preparing and planning a vegetable garden.

Starting a Victory Vegetable Garden

Warm and Cool Season Vegetables for San Diego County

by Vincent Lazaneo - Urban Horticulture Advisor Emeritus, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

A list of cool and warm season vegetables and their growing season for San Diego County.

San Diego Vegetable Planting Guide

Plain Facts About Growing Sweet Corn

By Jodi Bay, UCCE Master Gardener, San Diego County

Growing Sweet Corn is a rite of summer.  Here are some tips in this Union Tribune article on how to have a successful sweet corn harvest.

Growing Sweet Corn in San Diego County

Indoor Seed Starting

Learn the methods for successful indoor seed starting from the University of California.

Seed Starting

Seed Saving

By Jodi Bay, UCCE Master Gardener, San Diego County

Many vegetable seeds can be saved and replanted next season. This short tutorial discusses many easy-to-save vegetable seeds.

Seed Saving

Joyce Gemmell's Seed Suppliers List

Joyce Gemmell is the UCCE Master Gardener of San Diego County leading authority on growing vegetables.  This is her list of tried and true seed suppliers.

MG Joyce Gemmell Seed Catalog List

Growing Carrots

By Jodi Bay, UCCE Master Gardener, San Diego County

Carrots are easy to grow and fun to eat. This article provides information and tips on  growing carrots successfully.

Growing Carrots

Companion Planting - folklore or scientific fact

By Donna McClay, UCCE Master Gardener, San Diego County

There are very few scientific studies to validate the efficacy of companion planting. However, there may be some truth to the anecdotal history many of us have heard from our relatives and other longtime home vegetable gardeners. This article in the San Diego Union Tribune clarifies what is known scientifically about companion planting.

Companion Planting

Vegetable Gardening Resources

Questions? Contact UCCE Master Gardeners of San Diego County Hotline at

Joyce Gemmell's Vegetable Planting Guides for San Diego County

Joyce Gemmell's Vegetable Planting Guides are the 'go-to' resource for growing vegetables in San Diego County. Listed by vegetable types, the guides share which varieties grow best in San Diego County along with information on harvesting, and pest management.

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UCCE San Diego Master Gardeners Growing Guides

The Growing Guides are short tutorials on successfully growing vegetables, tomatoes, avocados, and citrus.

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Growing Berries in Your Backyard

Everything to know about growing berries at home.  Best varieties for California, planting, pruning, and pest management are discussed.

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University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program 

The UC IPM website helps home gardeners to identify and manage garden and household pests.

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University of California Vegetable and Melon Pest Index

Categorized by type of edible, this list helps gardeners understand and prepare for pest that might harm their vegetables and melons.

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University of California Pest Note Library

If the pest is know, review a one to two page tutorials on how to manage or remedy the problem. Each Pest Note includes environmentally-friendly options.

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Building a Raised Garden Bed

If the soil in your garden is compacted or otherwise unhealthy, consider building an above ground raised bed.  The following links offer advice and tutorials on what to consider to build a raised bed.

Sunset Magazine: Build the Ultimate Raised Bed

UCCE Master Gardeners of Sacramento County - Raised Vegetable Beds

Vegetable Garden Planning Worksheet

Here is a tool to aid in planning your garden. Download this easy-to-use template to document what was planted and diagram where it was planted. Recording this information makes it easier to know what grew well and what you liked.

Planting Record - BVG Spring Seminar 2020

Produce Storage, Preservation and Safety


Article in the San Diego Union Tribune on harvesting and preserving vegetables

By Donna McClay, UCCE Master Gardener, San Diego County.

          Enjoy the fruits (and the vegetables) of your labor.

Produce Storage 

This chart lists the best methods for extending the freshness of just picked produce.

Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Better Taste.

Produce Preservation

Resources for long term storage of fruits and vegetables.

National Center for Home Food Preservation

UCANR Preserving Fruits and Vegetables at Home

Preserving tomatoes

Produce Safety

Techniques on safe handling of produce.

UC Food Safety

Beginning Vegetable Gardening

If you want to know more about vegetable gardening, join us for the Beginning Vegetable Gardening Workshops.  Workshops are taught locally, in community gardens, urban farms, or other gardening locations. Look here for an announcement of when classes will resume.

Home vegetable gardening is a fun and healthy activity for families, individuals, neighbors and friends. Benefits include healthier food options, wider selection of vegetable varieties, a lower carbon footprint and improved accessibility to fresh food.  Additionally, getting into the garden provides exercise, satisfaction from enjoying what was grown and being a good steward for the Earth.

The Beginning Vegetable Gardening (BVG) Workshops unravel the mystery of vegetable gardening and educates new gardeners on tested methods for growing a home or community vegetable garden.

Taught by UCCE Master Gardeners of San Diego County, the BVG workshops are four, two to three hour sessions consisting of part lecture and part hands-on. The four lessons are

  • Planning Your Garden - Garden Planning, Site and Plant Selection and Raised Bed Care
  • Getting Started - Soil Needs, Seed Starting, Composting and Water Wise Gardening
  • Pest Management - Identifying Garden Pests and Effective and Eco-Friendly Management Methods
  • Harvesting and Storage - Harvesting, Storage and Produce Safety.

Workshops are $20 per person including materials.