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Building a Resilient Garden


The Professional's Guide to Sustainable Landscaping

Resources to help you:

  • Use water conservatively
  • Build and maintain soil health
  • Eliminate non-storm run-off to storm drains
  • Use plants appropriate for their space, use, and climate
  • Minimize green waste to the landfill
  • Provide food and shelter for beneficial wildlife
  • Minimize chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the environment through INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT


Course for professional maintenance gardeners

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Learn practices that will help you improve the health of landscapes, conserve natural resources, and provide a tool to market yourself as a San Joaquin County Green Gardener!

Next course begins February 2020. FIND OUT MORE by clicking HERE.

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  • Field trials identify more native plants suitable for urban landscapes
    Field trials identify more native plants suitable for urban landscapes

    California's landscape horticulture industry is constantly growing due to population growth, housing expansion and refurbishing of older urban areas. This industry growth requires an almost constant input of new plant material to address a variety of horticultural needs and tastes. Historically, many landscapes were planted with species requiring large amounts of water, fertilizers, and pesticides to remain attractive and healthy. One significant result of this practice has been increasing levels of chemicals in urban water run-off to watersheds, leading to negative impacts on the health of the aquatic ecosystems. In addition to this, widespread use of inappropriate plants in a summer-dry climate can contribute to a shortage of water in areas supplied by seasonal snow-melt. For these reasons, the nursery and landscape industry is in constant need of a supply of new, beautiful, drought-tolerant and disease-resistant plants.