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San Joaquin County Landscape Horticulture
San Joaquin County Landscape Horticulture
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Timely, relevant horticultural information for sustainable landscapes

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Strategies for Water Efficiency III (2,932KB)

In this Newsletter:

  • Strategies for Water Efficiency III
    • Water update
    • Rebates
    • System Upgrades
    • Turf reduction
  • Converting Sprays to Drip
  • Using the New WUCOLS (Water Use Classification of Landscape Species)
  • Plant This: Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster'


PDF 8/8/16
Spring 2015 (2,321KB)


Strategies for Water Efficiency II

  • Timing is Everything
    • Scheduling Checklist
    • Catch-Can Calculations
    • Preventing Runoff: Cycle & Soak
  • Get Ahead or Get Parched: Six Ways to Survive the Drought
    • Workshop announcement for landscape professionals
  • Plant This: Ceanothus 'Concha'
PDF 3/31/15
  • Strategies for Water Efficiency
  • Performing a Catch-Can Test
  • The DU Calculations
  • Green Gardener Registration Open
  • Plant This- Salvia microphylla- Mint bush sage
PDF 12/5/14
Summer 2014 (2,589KB)


  • Drought Tips for Landscape Managers
  • Some Truly Low-water Plants for the Valley
  • Plant This: Rosa 'Korbin'
PDF 6/23/14
Winter 2014 Green Notes (3,108KB)
  • Landscaping with Native Oaks
    • Common reasons for tree failure
    • Managing mature trees
    • Using oaks in new plantings
  • Some plants compatible with native oaks
  • 4 oaks for valley landscapes
  • Plant this: Crataegus panaephyrum- Washington hawthorn
PDF 1/6/14
Summer 2013 (2,358KB)
  • The War on Weeds
  • Green Gardener Training
  • Managing Fireblight in Flowering Pears
  • Plant this: Callistemon 'Violaceus'
PDF 7/23/13
Winter 2013 (2,906KB)


  • Assess your site
  • Planting Basics
  • Long-term care
  • What to Avoid


COMING SOON: Green Gardener Certification Training

PLANT THIS: Arctostaphylos densiflora 'Howard McMinn'

PDF 2/22/13
SUMMER/ FALL 2012 (947KB)


  • Why use it?
  • Organic vs. Inorganic
  • What's the best source?
  • What type and How deep?
  • Mulch and street curbs, black mulch, and landscape pots
  • How do I calculate cubic yards?



PLANT THIS: Bulbine frutescens 'Hallmark', cape balsam

PDF 9/4/12
SPRING 2012 (1,951KB)

Inside this issue:

  • Landscape Runoff: What's the Big Deal?
  • 5 Key Strategies for Runoff Prevention
  • Plants for Bioswales
  • Plant This!
PDF 5/30/12
January 2012 Green Notes (2,160KB)
  • 6 Ways to Reduce your Greenwaste
  • Trees in Turf
  • Groundcovers for under Trees
  • Plant this: Kniphofia 'Christmas Cheer'
PDF 1/2/12
Green Notes: October 2011 (1,366KB)
  • Much Ado About Honeydew: managing the sources of honeydew
  • The 5 Elements of an IPM Program
  • 6 Trees to Plant INSTEAD of Redwoods
  • Plant This
PDF 10/6/11
Green Notes: June 2011 (928KB)
  • Spring Scalping
  • Managing Mistletoe
  • Unraveling ETAF
  • Plant This
PDF 6/23/11
Green Notes: March 2011 (811KB)
  • Pruning and Treating Wounds on Landscape Trees
  • Landscape Water Efficiency: the Hot Button
  • Plant This
  • New Horticulture Advisor Introduction
PDF 3/30/11
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