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Landscape Water Use

Water: use it wisely!

In California, 50% of urban water is used in our landscapes.  Our water supplies are in a constant state of change, and crops compete with landscapes for this precious resource.  Of major concern are the unseen pollutants in landscape runoff water from application of too much water or poorly aimed sprinklers.  This water, which flows untreated from storm drains to our ponds, rivers, sloughs, and the Delta contains a wide variety of chemicals harmful to aquatic wildlife.  Now more than ever it is essential to carefully apply the optimal amount of water to landscapes.

WHY? This practice

  • maintains the healthiest landscape
  • prevents many pest problems : SEE THIS LINK
  • conserves natural resources and money
  • preserves the health of the Delta waterways that receive urban run-off

Check this link to learn more about the Water Conservation Act (Senate Bill x7-7), Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance, and the updates to the State mandated reduction in urban water use.