University of California
ANR Statewide Conference 2018

1A. Science Session

Climate Change Research and Extension Programs for Healthy Food Systems, Environments, and Communities in California

This session is designed to highlight recent progress in climate change research and extension programming across UC ANR. Session presenters will give an overview of UC ANR’s system wide efforts on climate change programming, climate change trends, mitigation and adaptation opportunities, research-to-policy efforts, as well as effective climate communication and public engagement strategies. Session content will be based on recent findings of the Climate Change Program Team’s 2017 UC ANR Climate Science, Outreach, and Needs Survey as well as the February 2018 professional development workshop, “Integrating Climate Change in California Cooperative Extension Programs Workshop”.

Moderator: Leslie Roche, CE Specialist, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

1:30 Building climate change resilience in California through UC Cooperative Extension - Tapan Pathak, CE Specialist, Climate Adaptation in Agriculture, UC Merced

Overview of recent system-wide efforts in climate change programming (e.g., Carbon Neutrality Initiative, professional development efforts) as well as highlight results from the Climate Change Program Team’s  2017 UC ANR Climate Science, Outreach, and Needs Survey

1:40 Highlights in Climate Change Research, Outreach, and Extension

  • Healthy Food Systems - Katherine Jarvis-Shean, CE Orchard Systems Advisor, Sacramento and Yolo Counties 
  • Healthy Environments - Max Moritz, CE Specialist in Fire Ecology and Management, UC Santa Barbara
  • Healthy Communities and CaliforniansDr. Maithili Ramachandran, School of Public Policy, UC Riverside
    Topic: Climate Change Impacts on Human Health and Well-Being

2:25 Policy and Planning UpdatesTed Grantham, Assistant CE Specialist and Adjunct Professor, ESPM, UC Berkeley
Topic: Key findings/updates from California’s 4th Climate Change assessment

2:40 No one-size fits-all: Communicating Climate Change in Cooperative Extension - Faith Kearns, Academic Coordinator, California Institute for Water Resources 

3:00 Adjourn

Planning Committee: Leslie Roche, Tapan Pathak, Ted Grantham

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