University of California
ANR Statewide Conference 2018

4E. Relationship Building

What's Your Preference? Understanding Different Personality Types

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment tool and interpretation offers opportunities to strengthen interpersonal communication skills, leadership skills, professional appearance, and integrate an organizational, department or team vision by first identifying your personality preferences based strongly on the works of Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types.

The MBTI tool is an instrument to help you become aware of your particular style, to better understand, and appreciate the helpful ways that people differ from one another. Organizations have up to four generations of workers that will benefit from the MBTI assessment. How, you may ask? Through acquiring new knowledge about you.

Presentation Objectives:

  • Better understand the wonderful you
  • Make sense of your preference for learning
  • Recognize human preferences for absorbing and processing new information
  • Identify ways to use differences constructively

Presentation Slides

Immediate use of this new knowledge contributes:

  • To higher self-awareness
  • To enhanced abilities to respond to all situations with a solutions-oriented mindset
  • To increased levels of human compassion and empathy
  • To greater collaboration amongst team members
  • To understanding where you derive your energy
  • To realizing your preference for taking in new information
  • To recognizing how you use new information to make decisions
  • To identifying your preference for making sense of you immediate environment

Speaker: Reginald Randles, MOL, Senior Organizational Development Administrator, UCLA

Reg joined UCLA in January 2010 as a Training Specialist. In his current role as the Senior Organizational Development Specialist, he designs, develops, and facilitates training courses based on adult learning methodologies using the ADDIE model for UCLA Health.


Strategic Goal #6: Recruit and Retain People

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