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ANR Statewide Conference 2018

Program Team, Workgroup and Other Meetings

Schedule of Ancillary Meetings


Monday, April 9

11:30 AM-1:30 PM - Buffet lunch served in the Grove Ballroom foyer with seating in Vineyard Ballroom

11 AM-1 PM
Nematology Workgroup - Andreas Westphal - Rainbow Lake

11:30 AM-1:30 PM
Focus Groups for UC ANR 4-H Latino Initiative (only for UC ANR 4-H Latino Initiative Program Reps and Advisors)Silverwood
Weed WorkgroupTravis Bean and Whitney Brim-DeForest - Hunter's Peak

12-2 PM
Subtropical Crops Workgroup - Ben Faber - Cajon Peak

12-5 PM
Dairy Production & Food Safety Program Team - Deanne Meyer - Concierge Room
Money Talks Workgroup - Derrick Robinson - Room 1112
Water Resources Program Team - Sam Sandoval Solis - Harvest

1-2 PM 
Academic Assembly Council - Jim Downer - Plan to attend to vote on bylaws - Grove

1-3 PM
Putting Ag Extension 2.0 Into Practice - Courtney Riggle - Porter Restaurant

1-5 PM
California Communities & Food Systems Program Team - Christy Getz and Gail Feenstra - 
Cedar Lake
CE Nutrition Education Programs - All Staff - Katie Panarella - Lake Gregory

1-5:30 PM
Agronomic Crops Program Team - Michelle Leinfelder-Miles - Rainbow Lake

1:30-6 PM
Juntos Meeting (4-H Juntos CES staff only please)Lupita Fabregas - Executive Board Room

2-4 PM
Making ANR a Great Place to Work - Staff Assembly - Grove
Join Staff Assembly for an interactive opportunity to discuss ideas on how to implement changes to help make ANR a great place to work. We will be focusing on the results identified in the 2017 CUCSA Staff Engagement survey as needing the most improvement, which include change manage, performance management and wellness. It will be an opportunity to provide your ideas, which will be used to help implement changes now. We'll also provide information about Staff Assembly and ways you can get involved.
For more information on the survey results, please visit:
2-5 PM
4-H NIFA Review Annual Meeting (4-H and YFC Advisors and CES staff only please; County Directors are also welcome to participate) - Lupita Fabregas - Silverwood

Vegetable Crops Program Team - Steve Fennimore - Hunter's Peak
3:30-5:30 PM
Forestry Workgroup - Bill Stewart - Cajon Peak

Wednesday, April 11

6:30-7:45 AM - Breakfast Meetings
California 4-H Association (by invitation) - Gemma Miner - Silverwood
Safety Coordinators (by invitation)- Brian Oatman - Gregory

1-4 PM
Entomology Workgroup - Kristen Tollerup - Cedar Lake

1-2 PM
Desert Workgroup - Oli Bachie - Room 1100

1:30-3 PM
Academic Coordinators Meet Up - Sandra Derby - Room 1102
Ergonomic Evaluations - Brian Oatman - Cajon Peak
Join us to learn more about becoming an Ergonomics Advocate for your office or workgroup. The mission of the ANR Ergonomics Advocate program is to extend the reach of existing EHS injury prevention efforts by empowering and educating key advocates and facilitators within the workforce. During this introductory session UC ANR EHS staff will provide a broad Ergonomics Program overview and lead a brief hands-on training demo for employees who want to get more involved in facilitating ergonomic education and injury prevention practices at their work locations.

Volunteer Management System for MG/MFP - Missy Gable - Hunter's Peak
The UC Master Gardener and Master Food Preserver Programs are launching a new and improved version of the Volunteer Management System (VMS) software this spring.  Anyone with administrative responsibilities in VMS (may include CES, academic advisors, county directors and office administrators) are welcome to attend.  The first hour will include a walk-through of the new VMS system and all associated help tools/documentation and training materials.  The remaining half hour will be a facilitated discussion where participants will share VMS adoption strategies, VMS administration and VMS training that has been effective in their county.

1:30-4 PM
California Naturalist Workgroup - Gregory Ira - 
Concierge Room
Youth Development Program TeamSteven Worker - Strawberry Peak

1:30-4:30 PM
Integrated Management of Soilborne Pests - Jim Farrar - Rainbow Lake

1:30-5 PM
Environmental Horticulture Program Team and Floriculture Workgroup - Janet Hartin - 

2-6 PM
Climate Change Program Team - Tapan Pathak - Vineyard

3:30-5:30 PM
Ecological Restoration Workgroup - Travis Bean - 
Room 1102
Fire Workgroup - Max Moritz - Room 1100
Small Farms Workgroup - Ruth Dahlquist-Willard - Hunter's Peak
Wildlife & Fish Program Team and Wildlife Workgroup - Roger Baldwin and Jeff Stackhouse - Cajon Peak

5:30-8:30 PM
Joint EFNEP/UC CalFresh Meeting with Dinner for NFCS/YFC Advisors, Managers and Supervisors - Katie Panarella - Grove

Thursday, April 12

8-10:30 AM
Environmental Education Workgroup - Gregory Ira - Room 1112

8-12:30 PM
4-H Latino Initiative - Lupita Fabregas - 
Concierge Room
Agroecology & Organic Farming Systems Workgroup - Sonja Brodt - 
Strawberry Peak
Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Behaviors Program Team - Anna Martin - Cedar Lake
Youth Retention Study Data Party - Kendra Lewis - Rainbow Lake

9-12:00 PM
Pest Management Program Team - Andrew Sutherland - Grove

10:30-12:30 PM
Focus Groups with Vikram Koundinya - Room 1100

1:15-2 PM
California Extension Association of Family & Consumer SciencesAnna Martin - Cedar Lake

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