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ANR Statewide Conference 2018

Travel Reimbursements

UC ANR based through UC Davis


Use the UC Davis AggieTravel system as usual. This reimbursement will automatically route to the correct office for approval. Additional copies are not required.

Employees of other campuses or non-ANR employees


Please use the UC Travel Expense Voucher for reimbursement and send the completed form directly to Michelle Hammer-Coffer.

Click to see a sample form completed.


Tips for All Seeking Reimbursements

Account: L/SWMTG18

This document explains policies.

Agenda: You have to include a copy of the agenda with your form or upload it into AggieTravel - we've created a shortened 8-page agenda.

UC Employees and Lodging Costs: You can charge up to 50 percent of your total room costs.

  • If you paid the entire lodging bill and had a roommate, be sure to list the name of your roommate in the comments.
  • If you chose to not have a roommate, be sure to charge 50 percent of the total lodging costs to another UC account and not L/SWMTG18.

Business Purpose: Please explicitly state the "Business Purpose" or reason for participating in the conference. The Travel Department will return the form to you if the Business Purpose is stated as "attended" or "participated" in the ANR Statewide Conference. Example is below:

"To attend the 2023 UC ANR Statewide Conference to connect with colleagues from across the state about shared challenges, concerns, opportunities and solutions."


For further assistance, please contact Michelle Hammer-Coffer.

Lodging for those within 40 miles of hotel

If your home or assigned workplace is within 40 miles of the Doubletree Fresno, and you are reimbursed for lodging or meals (purchased on own), those amounts will be reported to the IRS as taxable income.

UC Policy: The traveler must be at least 40 miles from the headquarter location or home, whichever is closer, to be reimbursed for an overnight stay, unless the stay is required to meet a business need.

Please contact ANR Program Support if you have any questions or concerns.

Staff Policy Regarding
Travel and Time Reporting

If Overnight Travel: Travel that keeps an employee away from home overnight counts as hours worked when it cuts across the employee's workday.  Travel that keeps an employee away from home overnight and that occurs outside the employee’s normal working hours is not considered as hours of work.

If No Overnight Travel: Assigned travel during an employee’s regular working hours on work days is counted as time worked. Hours worked outside of the regular work hours (including travel) must be approved in advance.

For more detailed information see Guidelines for Travel and Time Reporting

If you have questions, please contact the HR Help Desk.


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