Map of Weeds in Lake Tahoe Basin

LTBWCG MapClick here to access the map.
This web-based interactive map has been designed to increase awareness of the invasive weed species currently found in the Lake Tahoe Basin and assist in the early detection and reporting of new infestations. With your help in reporting new infestations, we can control new populations before they become large and more difficult and costly to control.

Areas shaded in green on the map represent the different communities within the Basin, while the points represent different invasive weed species that occur within each of our communities. Please note that these points do not reflect exact locations of infestations, but rather species that are representative within a given community. Please read the map instructions for more information on how to navigate and interact with the map and report an invasive weed location.

To Report a Weed Infestation at a Specific Location:

  • Click on the map at the location that you would like to report a weed or infestation.
  • The “Weed Identification” box will open; click on “Report a Weed at This Location” in the box.
  • The system will open the “Report a Weed” form; please complete the form with as much information as possible, to assist a local invasive weed expert in finding the site for verification. Note: the state, county, latitude and longitude will pre-load into the form.
  • Click on “Submit Weed Report”.

Map Instructions

Background Image:

Use the buttons on the top right to choose between a "satellite image" or "street map" background.

Info Tool:

Click anywhere on the map and you will see an info box appear. Within the box, you can view the weed species that occur at the location of your click under the "Weed Point" tab, and the community information under the "Weed Community" tab. Note that clicking on or near multiple weed points or communities will result in multiple results displayed in the info box. To close the info box, click on the small x in the upper right corner.

Navigation and Zoom Options:

Click and drag the map to move/pan in any direction

Enter an address into the "Search by address" field and click "Locate" to zoom to the location.

To zoom, use one of the following:

  • Double-clicking the map will recenter and zoom in to the location clicked
  • Using the shift key, you may draw a box on the map and zoom directly to that extent
  • Drag the button along the slider bar (top left) to zoom in or out
  • Click on the arrow keys at either end of the slider bar to zoom in or out
  • Use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out

Minimum Requirements

The map has been designed to work with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7 (or Internet Explorer 8 using "compatibility view"). The map has not been tested for IE 6.
  • Mozilla Firefox 3 or previous versions.
  • Apple Safari 4 or previous versions.
  • Google Chrome 2