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Presentation Night

This county-wide event will be organized to be in peson event on Friday, March 15th.  It will be held at La Gloria School in Gonzales.  The Gonzales and Lockwood 4-H clubs will be hosting the event.  it is sponsored by the Leaders Council.


The annual Presentation Event is one of the most important learning experiences that a 4-H member can participate in and it’s a lot of fun too!  It provides an opportunity for members to provide a prepared presentation in a topic they strongly relate to.  Members are strongly encouraged to relate the presentation to their current 4-H project work or 4-H activities. 

All members from 5-19 years can participate in a Presentation Event.  Members from 5– 8 years will receive participation certificates only.

Members aged 9-19 are judged using the Danish System of Judging (Gold, Blue and Red).  Everyone participating will receive comment sheets from the judges to help them improve their presentation skills. 

Members that are awarded a Blue or Gold level of scoring may elect to continue on to the Sectional Presentation event. http://4h.ucanr.edu/4-H_Events/AreaPresentation/ 

 If a Blue or Gold is awarded at Sectional you may advance to the State Level which is held  typically in June.

(A member does not have to compete in any of these events to fulfill requirements to achieve a Star Rank.)

For more information about 4-H Presentations for presenters or evaluators use the REVISED 2021 4-H Presentation Manual  


Registration for County Presentation Night for presenters is now an online registration! 


All clubs are still to provide Adult and Junior evaluators (judges) through the online registration.  Each club is asked to provide 1 adult judge and 1 junior judge for every 4 presentations.  Clubs with less than 4 presentations are asked to provide one adult judge.  Sign up here: https://surveys.ucanr.edu/survey.cfm?surveynumber=42044