Urban Integrated Pest Management
University of California
Urban Integrated Pest Management

Research Activities

Current projects (2017 – 2018)

Evaluation of outdoor applications of insecticide baits as alternative management tactics for peridomestic cockroaches at sensitive sites

  • Turkestan cockroaches and related outdoor nuisance species
  • Reduced-risk IPM programs utilize baits instead of liquid sprays
  • Demonstrated programs comply with CA’s Healthy Schools Act
  • Two field sites (public schools) established during 2017, concurrent laboratory studies at UC Riverside

Evaluation of bait station systems for use against subterranean termites

  • Western subterranean termites attacking single-family homes
  • Field sites in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Santa Clara counties
  • Bait stations represent reduced-risk alternative to liquid termiticides
  • Entire colonies have been eliminated during this ongoing project
  • New systems and approaches have been registered with the state

Developing effective bed bug outreach programs for diverse clientele in the West

  • Creation of a regional repository to serve as a standardized clearinghouse for educational and outreach materials associated with bed bug management
  • Establishment of laboratory populations of bed bugs collected from western field sites in order to determine insecticide resistance and species composition

IPM in schools and child care environments

  • On-site IPM interventions with UCSF nursing students
  • Evaluations of IPM programs in child care environments
  • Reductions in unnecessary indoor pesticide applications
  • Promotion of nonchemical pest management tactics

Curricula development and outreach programs

  • Providing IPM services for schools and child care centers
  • Providing IPM services for multi-unit housing environments
  • Conserving pollinators while managing pests in urban landscapes
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