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Have questions regarding pest management in and around your home or garden? Contact your county's Master Gardeners for free 'Plant Doctor' diagnosis and management resources! Call your county's hotline, send an email (be sure to include photos of the problem or specimen), or drop by the office (bring your sample or specimen if applicable). Click your county's name below to get started:

Visit the home and garden section of the University of California's Integrated Pest Management website, or jump right to the Pest Notes for information about specific pests and diseases.

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Learn about urban pest ants in and around your home:

Play the online educational game 'Mosquito Safari', developed by Texas A&M University:

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Learn about IPM for bed bugs in hotels and lodging facilities (FREE WEBINAR):


 Need to hire a pest management professional? Please consider hiring a company or operator that has been trained in IPM strategies and techniques! Find an IPM-certified professional near you through one of these certification program links:



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