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Matthew W. Fidelibus Ph.D.

Photo of Matthew W. Fidelibus Ph.D.
Associate CE Specialist
Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
9240 S. Riverbend Ave.
Parlier, CA 93648
(559) 646-6510
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Ph.D., University of Florida, Gainesville, 2002

Research Statement
My laboratory conducts applied and basic research on grapes for raisin, table, and wine. Our broad goals are to develop or refine cultural practices that: reduce production cost, improve yields and quality, or all of these. In raisin systems we are most interested in the effects of different canopy managment systems on vine physiology and on raisin drying. In table grapes, our current focus is on the potential use of abscisic acid (ABA) to improve the color of red and black-fruited grapes. We are also interested in refining the use of forchlorfenuron (CPPU) to improve the size and firmness of grapes. Presently, our winegrape work includes long-term evaluations of Barbera and Syrah selections and of newly released generic winegrape cultivars with good potential for grape juice concentrate production. In conjunction with Dr. Anil Shrestha, CSU Fresno, we also study vineyard weed biology and ecology with the goal of identifying sustainable weed control practices.


Raisin, table and wine grape production,fruit quality, whole-plant physiology, plant growth regulators, weeds.

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