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Environmental Education

Summary Goal #1: Improve youth science literacy in, and attitudes for, agriculture, natural resources, and nutrition through educational programming that use: 1. High quality curricula identified and developed based on UC ANR initiatives 2. Staff, volunteer, teen, and other educators prepared using research-based professional development strategies Strategies designed to meet the needs of youth audiences 3. Partners to strengthen programming Goal #2: Advance the research-base of youth nonformal science education through: 1. Developing and implementing new 4-H SET programs 2. Evaluating existing and new 4-H SET programming 3. Conducting new applied research 4. Sharing outcomes Goal #3: Support the first two goals through effective resource development.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Gregory Ira (Chair)
Phone 5307501265
Unit: California Naturalist Program
Membership List
Chi, Bernadette
  Research Specialist Education Research, STEM education
Joyner, Valerie
  consultant science education
Troost, Johannes
  Education Programs Consultant, California Department of Education Google Analytics, Education Issues, Youth Development and Afterschool Programs
AES Scientist
Chen, Zhe Human & Community Development
  Chair & Professor Research focuses on children's thinking and learning processes. Current research interests include three interrelated lines of inquiry: analogical problem solving; scientific reasoning; and microgenetic analyses of strategy acquisition
Kaiser, Susan Textiles & Clothing
  Professor  Social psychological aspects of clothing and appearance, specifically focusing upon gender race ethnicity and sexual orientation as variables in identity formation, socialization processes, family influences, media imagery
KAPLAN, KENNETH Molecular & Cellular Biology
CE Advisor
Bird, Marianne Capital Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  4-H Youth Development Advisor Program development, science literacy and work with after school programs, youth-adult partnership, camping and environmental education, volunteer and non-profit management.
Borba, John Kern County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor Youth STEM programming for after-school programs, camping and outdoor education, youth leadership.
De Lasaux, Michael Plumas Sierra
  Natural Resources Advisor Forestry, Community Fuel Reduction and Watershed Management
Donohue, Susan Butte County
  Nutrition, Family & Consumer Sciences Advisor, Emeritus Nutrition, Family & Consumer Sciences, Food Safety
Drill, Sabrina Los Angeles County
  Natural Resources Advisor Watershed education, conservation and restoration of aquatic and wildland habitats and anadramous fishes, aquatic and terrestrial invasive species, fire ecology and landscape preparation, land use planning, environmental literacy. Associate Director of California Naturalist.
Enfield, Richard San Luis Obispo County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor-Emeritus Positive youth development, nonformal science projects, experiential education, John Dewey, community collaborations and the concepts of social capital, resiliency and developmental assets.
Giraud, Deborah Humboldt County Office
  Emeritus: Farm and Community / Economic Development Advisor Plant sciences, fruit trees, vegetables, community development, ornamentals
Haver, Darren South Coast Research & Extension Center
  Water Resources/Water Quality Advisor and Director of South Coast REC and UCCE Orange
Hayden-Smith, Rose
  Editor, UC Food Observer; 4-H Youth, Family and Community Development Advisor; Food and Society Policy Fellow Food systems; gardening; youth development; public policy; volunteer management; U.S. history; advocacy; social media and strategic communications.
Hill, Russell Merced County
  Associate 4-H Youth Development Advisor Science Literacy, after-school programming, outdoor/environmental education, program development, and organizational change.
Horrillo, Shannon Youth, Families, and Communities Statewide Program
  Statewide 4-H Director Program Administration, Positive Youth Development, College and Career Readiness, Adolescent Development, Evaluation
Kocher, Susie Central Sierra Cooperative Extension
  Forestry/ Natural Resources Advisor Forestry, fire and water quality, facilitation, public participation
Lewis, David Marin County
  Director Watershed Management and Research
Mahacek, Richard Merced County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor - Emeritus Science, Engineering, and Technology programs, developing capable people and youth assets. State 4-H Office contact for S.E.T. programs
Manglallan, Sue San Diego County
  4-H Youth and Family Development Advisor Volunteer management, leadership development, nonformal education, curriculum development, school-age child care, early literacy and school readiness, parenting, brain development in young children, youth at risk
Miller, JoLynn Central Sierra Cooperative Extension
  Central Sierra 4-H Youth Development Advisor Volunteer Development, Experiential Learning, Program Planning
Moncloa, Fe Santa Clara County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor adolescence civic and political engagement, Latino youth and community development, culturally relevant pedagogy, STEAM
Nathaniel, Keith Los Angeles County
  County Director & 4-H Youth Development Advisor Adolescent Development; Educational Planning; Social Capital and Community Networks
Schmitt-McQuitty, Lynn San Benito County
  Assistant Vice Provost: Cooperative Extension, Director of Cooperative Extension: San Benito County & Science Literacy Youth Development Advisor: San Benito, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Counties Youth Science Literacy
CE Specialist
Campbell, Dave Human & Community Development
  Specialist in Cooperative Extension; Associate Dean, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Community development research and outreach in areas of local policy implementation, social service networks, local and regional food systems, accountability, citizenship, and governance.
Harter, Thomas Hydrology Program
  Cooperative Extension Specialist Flow and transport processes in groundwater and in the vadoze zone; non-point source pollution of groundwater; groundwater remediation; groundwater resources management; geostatistics; stochastic analysis; numerical modeling.
Lemaux, Peggy Plant & Microbial Biology
  CE Specialist Agriculture and Biotechnology
Moritz, Max UC Santa Barbara - CE Specialist
  Associate Specialist in Cooperative Extension Fire Ecology and Management; Disturbance Regimes; Spatial Analysis and GIS; Fire Policy
Smith, Martin Veterinary Medicine Extension
  Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Youth Scientific Literacy Youth science education; scientific literacy; curriculum development; educator professional development; inquiry-based learning; experiential learning
Trzesniewski, Kali Human & Community Development
  Dr Adolescent Development
Other ANR
Alexander, Janice Marin County
  Forest Health Program Coordinator
Ambrose, Andrea Development Services
  Director of Advancement Development and advancement practices including fundraising policy, endowments, and donor cultivation and stewardship
Bruzzone-Miller, Susana Hansen Agricultural Research and Extension Center
  Youth, Families and Community Education Program Manager
Clay, Ariel San Joaquin County
  Program Representative II 4-H
Derby, Sandra Youth, Families, and Communities Statewide Program
  State Coordinator for Project Learning Tree Environmental Education Ecological Teaching and Learning
Dixon, Patricia (Trisha) Sacramento County
  4-H Program Representative
Edgington, Linda Mendocino County
  4-H Youth Development Program CE2 (Retired)
Eldridge, Delynda Capital Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  4-H Club Program Representative Volunteer Management
Fischer, Lisa Informatics and GIS (IGIS) Statewide Program
  Director, Research and Extension Center System
Frazell, Julie Lake County
  4-H Youth Development Program Representative Lake County 4-H Program Management
Iaccopucci, Anne Youth, Families, and Communities Statewide Program
  4-H Healthy Living Academic Coordinator II
Ira, Gregory California Naturalist Program
  CA Naturalist Coordinator Environmental Education, Business Processes
Jerdin, Krysti San Luis Obispo County
  Administrative Assistant III
Keaney, Allison Marin County
  4-H Program Representative
Kearns, Faith California Institute for Water Resources
  Academic Coordinator II water and drought, climate change, public engagement and science communication, social media
McIntyre, Darlene Merced County
  4-H youth Program Representative
Miner, Gemma Youth, Families, and Communities Statewide Program
  4-H Thrive Academic Coordinator II Youth Development; Experiential Education; Outdoor Program Administration and Accreditation
O'Neill, Jim Napa County
  4-H YDP Representative Youth Development, Leadership, Camp, and Clubs
Ratto, JoAnn Stanislaus County
  4-H Program Representative 4-H Youth Development Program
Smith, Christopher Ventura County
  Director, CE-Ventura County & Hansen Agricultural Research & Extension Center Plant Biochemistry, Enzyme Regulation, Mechanisms of Herbicide Action, Sequence/Structural Bioinformatics
Suppes, Jason South Coast Research & Extension Center
  Program Coordinator/ Community Educator
Worker, Steven Marin County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor Educational research; design and research of out-of-school (informal) learning environments; positive youth development; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education
Zediker, Jacki Siskiyou County
  4-H Youth Development Program Representative/Program Rep Coordinator Helps young people discover and develop their potential. Provides a wide variety of educational and enrichment experiences.
Membership Totals
Number of Members54
ANR Members54
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