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Tahoe Friendly Garden Program

Certification Program

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Thank you for your interest in the Tahoe Friendly Garden Program. It is a non-regulatory, voluntary sign-up program administered by the UCCE Master Gardeners of Lake Tahoe. Our goal is to encourage residents of Lake Tahoe to garden in a manner that strives to fit our local conditions.

The Tahoe Friendly Garden Program encourages gardens that use less water, fertilizer and pesticides, and includes a diversity of plants and landscape options.

Tahoe Friendly Garden will ensure that the right plants are in the right place.

TFG garden

Tahoe Friendly Garden Elements:

  • Water Conservation: Conserve your time and resources by being water-wise! Choose appropriate plants for Tahoe’s climate and utilize efficient irrigation systems.
  • Beneficial Wildlife Habitat: Living in harmony with wildlife. Consider the pros and cons of which critters you want to invite in your yard. Berries, seeds and leaves are an important food source for birds, mammals and beneficial insects and plants provide nesting materials and shelter from predators and the elements.
  • Soil Fertility: The garden’s foundation. Soil health enhances water infiltration and storage while allowing your garden to thrive.
  • Wildfire Safety: Fire defensible space. Minimize the risk of wildfire by reducing the amount of flammable vegetative materials.
  • Home-grown food: A little knowledge and practice with climate and growing seasons, soil conditions, moisture and pest control can help you grow your own vegetables and become self-sufficient!  

Tahoe Friendly Garden Elements into Action… We’ve created a certification program to:

    • Reward Tahoe gardeners for their positive efforts!
    • Encourage Tahoe residents and visitors to appreciate native and adapted plants.
    • Make gardening fun!
    • Keep Tahoe naturally beautiful!

TFG garden2
How to certify your garden in 4 easy steps:

  1. Take the voluntary survey below to see if your current gardening practices qualify your yard. Go to http://ucanr.edu/tahoefriendlygarden and take the quick free survey
  2. Receive a “Tahoe Friendly Garden” Certificate.
  3. Proudly post your sticker decal to demonstrate your support.
  4. Encourage your neighbors and friends to participate!

*If you don’t meet the minimum requirements this time, please do not worry. This is an on-going program. Feel free to peruse the resources make adjustments and then come back to the survey. You can also call our office, attend one of our workshops or become a Master Gardener yourself to hone your skills.

Webmaster Email: rkcleveland@ucanr.edu