San Joaquin County Environmental Horticulture
San Joaquin County Environmental Horticulture
San Joaquin County Environmental Horticulture
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San Joaquin County Environmental Horticulture


beneficial syrphid fly
beneficial syrphid fly
The Professional's Guide to Sustainable Landscaping

Resources to help you:

  • Minimize chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the environment through INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT
  • Use water conservatively
  • Build and maintain soil health
  • Eliminate non-storm run-off to storm drains
  • Use plants appropriate for their space, use, and climate
  • Minimize green waste to the landfill
  • Provide food and shelter for beneficial wildlife


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8-Week Course for professional maintenance gardeners. Covers practices that will help you improve the health of landscapes, conserve natural resources, and provide a tool to market yourself as a San Joaquin County Green Gardener!

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For a list of Qualified San Joaquin County Green Gardeners - CLICK HERE

Due to low enrollment, the 2017 training has been cancelled.  Check back for Green Gardener Continuing Education classes to be held this spring.  

Biological Control of an Exotic Oak Pest

Biological Control of an Exotic Oak Pest
The obscure scale (Melanaspis obscura) is native to the eastern U.S. where it is a pest of ornamental oaks (Quercus spp.). Severe infestations of the scale cause dieback of twigs and branches, and stress the tree. In 1962, an infestation of this exotic pest was detected on native and exotic oaks in Capitol Park in Sacramento. Application of chemical insecticides reduced the scale population, but failed to eradicate it. In 1981, this infestation became a target for biological control.

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In the News

New disease in CA Native nursery plants

A new disease coming from potted specimens of some California native species is showing up and carrying disease to the landscape.

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