Alireza Pourreza , Ph.D.

Assistant CE Specialist of Agricultural Mechanization
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis
3042 Bainer Hall, Davis, California 95616, 3042 Bainer Hall
Davis, CA 95616
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Research Interest:

Precision agriculture/horticulture; agricultural mechanization; machine vision; agricultural robotics and automation; big data, hyperspectral/multispectral imaging; remote sensing and GIS.


  1. Sunkist Young Designer Award, ASABE, 2018
  2. Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize (1st Place), Club of Bologna, Italy, 2016
  3. Best Video Award, 2-Minute Research Video Contest, University of Florida, 2015
  4. Outstanding International Student Award, College of Engineering, University of Florida, 2014
  5. Outstanding Graduate Student Award, International Society of Precision Agriculture, July 2014
  6. Presidential Service Award, University of Florida, 2014
  7. Three Minute Thesis Competition (2nd Place), University of Florida, 2014
  8. Champion of Change, Mayors' Council, University of Florida, 2014
  9. Outstanding International Student Award, College of Engineering, University of Florida, 2013
  10. Best Paper Award, ASABE Annual Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri, July 2013



Ph.D. Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida. 2014
M.S. Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida. 2013
M.S. Mechanics of Agricultural Machinery, Ferdowsi University. 2011
B.S. Agricultural Machinery, Ferdowsi University. 2004


Sensing, Agricultural Automation, Precision Agriculture, Big Data

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Peer Reviewed

  • Pourreza, A. (2017). "Feasibility of Using the Optical Sensing Techniques for Early Detection of Huanglongbing in Citrus Seedlings." Robotics 6: 11-25.
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Lee,Won Suk; Lu, Jun; Roberts, Pamela (2016). Development of a Multiband Sensor for Citrus Black Spot Disease Detection. 13th ICPA International Conference. St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Springer.
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Lee,Won Suk; Diamond Justice; Czarnecka Eva; Verner Lance; Gurley William (2016). Early Diagnosis of Huanglongbing disease in Citrus Seedlings. 129th Florida State Horticultural Society Annual Meeting, Stuart, Florida, USA, American Society for Horticultural Science (In-Press).
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Lee,Won Suk; Etxeberria, Edgardo; Zhang, Yao (2016). Identification of Citrus Huanglongbing Disease at the Pre-Symptomatic Stage Using Polarized Imaging Technique. The 5th IFAC Conference on Sensing, Control and Automation for Agriculture, Seattle WA, IFAC-PapersOnLine (In-Press).
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Lee, Won Suk; Ritenour, Mark A; Roberts, Pamela (2016). "Spectral Characteristics of Citrus Black Spot Disease." HortTechnology 26(3): 254-260.
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Lee, Won Suk; Etxeberria, Ed; Banerjee, Arunava (2015). "An evaluation of a vision-based sensor performance in Huanglongbing disease identification." Biosystems Engineering 130(0): 13-22.
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Lee, Won Suk; Ehsani, Reza; Schueller, John K.; Raveh, Eran (2015). "An optimum method for real-time in-field detection of Huanglongbing disease using a vision sensor." Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 110(0): 221-232.
  • Raveh, Eran; Pourreza, A.; Lee, W.S.; Ehsani, R.J. (2015). Method for huanglongbing (hlb) detection. Google Patents.
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Lee, Won Suk; Pourreza, Hamidreza; Combs, Rebekah (2015). Spectral band selection to design a low cost sensor for citrus black spot disease detection. ASABE Annual Meetin. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Lee,Won Suk; Ehsani, Reza (2014). A Vision Based Sensor for Huanglongbing Disease Detection under a Simulated Field Condition. ASABE Annual Meeting. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 1.
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Lee,Won Suk; Raveh, Eran; Ehsani, Reza; Etxeberria, Edgardo (2014). "Citrus Huanglongbing detection using narrow-band imaging and polarized illumination." Trans. ASABE 57(1): 259-272.
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Lee,Won Suk (2014). Effect Of Starch Accumulation In Huanglongbing Symptomatic Leaves On Reflecting Polarized Light. 12th ICPA International Conference. Sacramento, California, USA.
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Lee,Won Suk; Etxeberria, Ed (2014). Rapid in-field diagnosis of Huanglongbing disease using computer vision. 127th Florida State Horticultural Society Annual Meeting. Clearwater, Florida, USA.
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Lee, Won Suk; Raveh, Eran; Hong, Youngki; Kim, Hyuck-Joo (2013). Identification of citrus greening disease using a visible band image analysis. ASABE Annual International Meeting. Kansas City, Missouri, ASABE. July 21 - July 24, 2013.
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Pourreza, Hamidreza; Abbaspour-Fard, Mohammad-Hossein; Sadrnia, Hassan (2012). "Identification of nine Iranian wheat seed varieties by textural analysis with image processing." Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 83: 102-108.
  • Abbaspour-Fard, Mohammad-Hossein; Pourreza, Alireza; Pourreza, Hamidreza; Sadrnia, Hassan (2011). Wheat Class Identification Using LBP, LSP and LSN Textural Features and Monochrome Image. 12th International Conference in Agricultural Engineering.
  • Pourreza, Alireza; Pourreza, Hamidreza; Hossein-Aghkhani, Mohammad (2010). An automatic foreign materials detection of barberries using red-free image processing. Third International Workshop on Advanced Computational Intelligence (IWACI), IEEE.
  • Aghkhani, Mohammad Hosein; Pourreza, Alireza (2007). "Egg Sorting by Machine Vision Method." Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research 8(3): 141-150.

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