Jennifer Heguy

Dairy Farm Advisor and County Director
University of California Cooperative Extension
3800 Cornucopia Way
Suite A
Modesto, CA 95358
(209) 525-6800 Create VCard

Also in:
San Joaquin County
Merced County


M.S. Animal Science, University of California, Davis. 2006


Dairy Science

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Peer Reviewed

  • Martins, J.P.; Karle, Betsy; Heguy, Jennifer (2019). Needs assessment for cooperative extension dairy programs in California. Journal of Dairy Science. 102:8, 7597-7607.
  • Miller, Christine; Heguy, Jennifer; Karle, Betsy; Price, Patricia; Meyer, Deanne (2019). Optimizing accuracy of sampling protocols to measure nutrient content of solid manure. Waste Management. 85, 121-130.
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  • Heguy, J.M., D. Meyer, and N. Silva-del-Rio. 2016. A survey of silage management practices on California dairies. Journal of Dairy Science, 99:1649-1654

  • Robinson, P.R., N. Swanepoel., J.M. Heguy, P.L. Price, D. Meyer. 2016. 'Shrink' losses in comercially sized corn piles: quantifying total losses and where they occur. Science of the Total Environment, 542, Part A: 530-539.

  • Robinson, P.R., N. Swanepoel., J.M. Heguy, P.L. Price, D. Meyer. 2016. 'Shrink' losses, and where they occur, in commerically sized silage piles constructued from immature and mature cereal crops.  Science of the Total Environment, 559: 45-52.

  • Cassinerio, C.A., J.G. Fadel, J.Asmus, J.M. Heguy, S.J. Taylor, and E.J. DePeters. 2015. Tomato seeds as a novel byproduct feed for lactating dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science, 98:4811-4828.

  • Heguy, J.M., C.A. Cassinerio, J.G. Fadel, J. Asmus, S.J. Taylor and E.J. DePeters. 2015. Nutrient composition and total tract apparent digestibility of whole tomato seeds by sheetp. Professional Animal Scientist, 31: 462-466.

  • Meyer, D.M., P.H. Robinson, P.L. Price, and J.M. Heguy. 2015. Determination of silage face surface area on commercial California dairy farms. Grass and Forage Science. doi: 10.1111/gfs.12160

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