Growing Onions and Garlic
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Sponsor: UC Master Gardener Program of Alameda County

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Onions and garlic are used in many foods that we eat and they are easy to grow. So why not include these in your vegetable garden? There are many varieties available and they don’t need much care, so your chances of success are great. Learn what short-day, long-day, and mid-day lengths have to do with selecting the right type of onion (it’s easier than you think), how to plant them, and when and how to harvest them.

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Speaker Bio:
UC Master Gardener Guy Duran first arrived in California in 1976, originally hailing from New Milford, Connecticut. His inspiration for gardening came from his Grandmother who kept a lovely vegetable garden. Then as a child, he would always hear the grownups talking about Grandma's garden. Since then, he has never forgotten his Grandma’s garden and over the years he has dabbled in vegetable gardening on and off but never consistent enough to actually gain a lot of experience.

In 2010, he retired from his full-time job and earnestly started to garden full time with his own gardens as well as working part-time in gardening jobs. He found himself enjoying gardening so much that he decided to revolve his current life around it. To that end, he applied to, and was accepted, into the Master Gardener Program in 2016.

He's speaking to you about onions because the one thing he likes doing more than gardening, is teaching someone how to garden.