Monitoring Plant Stress with New Technologies
Center for Applied Horticultural Research
3742 Bluebird Canyon Rd.
Vista, CA 92084
Contact: Gerry Spinelli
Sponsor: UCCE San Diego

Hands-on session on new technologies in optical sensing to monitor plant stress and predator release

WHEN: August 31st, 2021 at 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

WHERE: Center for Applied Horticultural Research, 3742 Bluebird Canyon Rd., Vista, CA 92084

WHAT: Join a practical and commercial-oriented presentation and discussion about how applied research into optical sensing of plant stress and predator release can benefit your business operations.

SPEAKER: Associate Professor Christian Nansen, Department of Entomology, UC Davis

Bring your stressed plant! (and a healthy one too)

We will bring hyperspectral imaging equipment, lighting, robotic rail, and computer control to show new technologies in optical sensing to monitor stress in crops and in predator release. Spray coverage prediction and spray coverage analysis with Spray Card technology and smartphone app.

Engage with you to discuss and learn about how and why you believe optical sensing is potentially important for your business operations and about your previous experiences with optical sensing technologies. Collect actual data from crop plants you have provided from different categories of stress (with/without diseases, pests or other stress).

Why getting involved? We see this event as an opportunity to start a direct dialogue with key stakeholders in nursery and ornamental crop industries. But we also believe this dialogue will be beneficial to growers and managers associated with orchards and row crops. By getting involved, you can learn about emerging optical sensing technologies. Through comments and suggestions, you can directly influence our research priorities. If interested, we can discuss possibilities of us collecting data from your operations.

2.5 CEUs will be offered through California DPR

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