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News about UC Agriculture and Natural Resources
by Brenda Dawson
on June 2, 2009 at 8:18 AM
Very considerate of Karp to respond, Jeannette! Really going above & beyond. I remember hearing high praise of "David Karp, Food Detective" from one of those mentioned farm advisors, actually on my first day of this job.  
As a reporter, it is a challenge to interview a large cast and tell a concise story. And while some readers can understand one article in a major paper is just a story--the best that could be told in given space--others read it as something definitive. The flipside is I've had farm advisors tell me they can't talk to another reporter after one burns them with nothing to show from hours of chatting.  
For a relatively small program like ours--which includes farm advisors Manuel Jimenez, Mark Gaskell and others--proving the merit of our achievements is an ongoing struggle to maintain university & federal grant support. Fair or not, newspaper articles count when it comes to public credit. The hard truth is there may come a time when our work won't be available to be taken for granted.  
Thanks for shedding some light on this issue. That is a primary difference between newspapers & blogs, right? Space! ... But maybe he'll remember us the next go 'round?
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