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Updates on agriculture and natural resource topics from the Sierra Foothills
by Charles A Raguse
on January 31, 2015 at 11:18 AM
I'm guessing that only the top photo helps in aiding a visual-image "fix" on the PG&E property. A well-placed arrow would help ,but a better, perhaps an aerial view, would be great.  
The term "Whitewater Put-in" on the Narrows Planning Unit Map (App 6) must be a reference to recreational rafting and kayaking accessed through the Narrows by "trespassing" on Department of Defense land(??). (I had the good fortune to participate in such a trip, way back when. It's awesome.)  
Perhaps, with some diligence, the SFREC could add "Rafting Down The Yuba" to its "...series of nature trails (A great addition, Doug; you aren't getting the credit you deserve)and an education center."  
Jeremy, I searched in vain for a definition of "PH" in the color/icon keys at the bottom of the Appendix 6 Map, and couldn't find it. Do you know what it stands for?  
Finally, could you expand on what you mean by "...a suite of critical natural resource processes" that the Narrows land can be used for?  
Cuz if they are really critical, lots of folks besides me would be interested in knowing more about them. Research is costly, and the need for new studies should be clearly defined.
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