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A collaborative blog by UC farm advisors and specialists in subtropical horticulture in California.
Bush Poppy
by Greg Alder
on October 12, 2017 at 3:11 PM
I recently met Gordon Frankie and learned of his findings related to avocado pollinators, and it has excited me so much. I'm sure you know him; he said he's been doing work in groves in Ventura County.  
My grove in San Diego County is very small, and I've always wanted to avoid renting honeybee hives. I've started putting in some of the plants (cosmos and sunflowers, e.g.) that Frankie said our native bee species particularly like and I've seen many appearing on the flowers through the summer. I'm eager to go forward with this approach during the upcoming avocado bloom season to see if I notice any increase in fruit set.
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