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Suburban Neighborhood
by Brook Gamble
on June 6, 2018 at 4:32 PM
Great news for California and conservation on the wild pig front. AB 2805 just passed, effective July 1, 2019  
1- changes feral pig status/definition from game animal to exotic.  
2- individual pig tags are replaced with a licence validation stamp $15 resident $50 non resident which is all that is needed to hunt wild pigs (plus a hunting license).  
3- eliminates the requirement for a depredation permit.  
4- prohibits a person from intentionally releasing any hog, boar, pig, or swine to live in a wild or feral state upon public or private land.  
5- prohibits a person from engaging in, sponsoring, or assisting in the operation of a contained hunting preserve of wild pig, feral pig, European wild boar, or domestic swine within this state.  
6- existing law requires that funds deposited in the Big Game Management Account be available for expenditure to, among other things, implement programs to benefit wild pigs. This bill instead requires that these funds be expended for the use of hunting to manage wild pigs.
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