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A collaborative blog by UC farm advisors and specialists in subtropical horticulture in California.
Bush Poppy
by Herb Machleder
on April 2, 2021 at 12:19 PM
How about accessing the Genome of the Microcystis australasica, and identifying the gene conferring HLB resistant peptide. Then using CRISPR technology to facilitate precision development of HLB resistant standard market citrus varieties (esthetically and taste accepted).  
Use the example set by Cornell and Hawaii in developing the wonderful Rainbow (ringspot virus resistant) Papaya. Show a little innovative courage! The public will always accept a welcome and well done gene transfer.  
We're not all anti-science, vaccine resistant ideologues, or ignorant "consumers"! Breeding is fun for the hobbiest. When a crop is faced with an existential crisis it's time to turn to cutting edge science,  
(It's eminently doable and acceptable: The Arctic apple, the Rainbow Papaya, the cure for Sickle Cell, etc. etc.)
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