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Strawberries and Caneberries
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FRI, APR 12 2024
by Tunyalee A. Martin
on December 18, 2023 at 12:22 PM
Hi Mark! Thanks for bringing this up. I tried it a long time ago and it was great. I liked that you didn't need to set aside time to prepare beforehand and so everyone started the meeting off in the "same place". I haven't done it since. Time to try it out again! Always enjoy the strawberry/caneberries content, but liking the nonstrawberry/caneberries content too!
by Mark Bolda
on December 18, 2023 at 2:36 PM
Thanks for the comment Tunyalee! So you tried it before and it was great, just curious do you still do it from time to time now?  
I had a good friend stop by this morning also about another subject, but we got into this about the meeting method. One key point that came out of our conversation is that in the sort of meeting Jeff Bezos describes, you would still need some sort of facilitation to keep it running smoothly, as you know some personalities are more dominant than others and if not managed could end up pushing those ideas to the top not because they are necessarily better but because of the force behind it. The key to having a good meeting wouldn't just be the memo at the beginning, but also how the meeting itself is being run so as to be able to include everyone equally.  
Too, we were of one mind about finishing on time. Really, running a meeting late is rude, but then again Jeff Bezos is the the boss so who is going to argue with him?
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