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Photo Information Spring in my Northern California Garden. Hardenbergia violacea Happy Wanderer, Senecio radicans String of Bananas, Coprosma Tequila Sunrise, Citrus latifolia Tanaka Bearss Lime, Quercus agrifolia Live Oak.
Ikonomou, Pacita: UC Master Gardener Vol.
Description California Friendly Gardening/Outstanding Ornamental. Photo was taken in my Menlo Park garden on March 6, 2016 using an iPhone 6s. I planted the Happy Wanderer in honor of my father and it was one of the first plants I planted since moving from the east coast (couldn't grow this in the frigid winters of Pennsylvania). I did grow up in Melbourne, Australia (Mediterranean climate), however, and my father had a vine just like it - he absolutely loved the vibrant purple flowers! I took a photo of him and my mother in front of the flowering vine, extremely happy together on his 60th birthday - all of my siblings have a framed copy. It was the last happy photo taken before he died of cancer a couple years later. My parents both LOVED the garden and being outdoors and I didn't stand a chance to not love it too - after all what is not to LOVE!

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