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Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible Work Arrangements

UC ANR seeks to be an employer of choice that provides a work environment that attracts and supports a diverse set of talented employees. The University can advance its goals, promote efficiency and help employees balance work and personal responsibilities through the use of flexible work.

Many employees are increasingly seeking flexible work arrangements that would provide opportunities to (1) work remotely from home, or other locations within California, outside of their on-site workspace, and/or (2) work flexible hours that vary from the traditional “8 to 5.”  It is important for managers and employees to know that flexible work options are possibilities, not guarantees. Not all positions lend themselves to flexible work arrangements; moreover, agreements for flexible work can be modified or revoked in accordance with the needs of the UC ANR. 


Approval Process & Workflow

Approval of flexible work arrangements are typically under the authority of the unit director. The standard approval process is described below:

  • Employee reviews the Flexible Work Arrangement – Decision Matrix (for telecommuting or remote work options).
  • Employee submits the Flexible Work Agreement Form to supervisor for review.
  • Supervisor reviews, discusses expectations with the employee and submits to Director for approval.
  • Director makes the final decision. If approved, submits the approved form to Human Resources.
    • Exceptional approval from the appropriate AVP is required for any request for fewer than 2 days on-site, including 100% remote work arrangements and for temporary out of state assignments. 
    • Unit directors should prepare a justification and attach it to the Flexible Work Agreement form when requesting exceptional approval from the appropriate AVP. 
  • Human Resources places form in personnel file and uses documentation to periodically evaluate for equitable application of the policy.


Looking for More Information

Consult with UC ANR Human Resources if you have questions about flexible work arrangements.


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