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Probationary Period

Probationary Period Process

All professional and support staff employees who hold career appointments shall serve a probationary period during which time their work performance and general suitability for University employment shall be evaluated in writing. The probationary period is completed following six months of continuous service in a 50% (.50 FTE) or more position without a break in service. The effective date is either on the first of the month following, or date-to-date, depending on the position title’s applicable policy or union contract.

The written probationary review shall be completed describing the employee’s work performance during the probationary period both at the probationary mid-point (at approximately 3 months) and a final review upon probation completion. The supervisor will provide the new employee with a written review using the Employee Probationary Report Form, both the mid-point and upon completion of the probationary period.

Please refer to the Probationary Period Instructions & Summary for a more detailed overview of UC ANR’s Probation Period Procedures.


Establish Performance Goals

Performance goals and objectives are what an employee can look to, and what a supervisor can look to in order to understand the desired outcome of each function of the job. Employees and managers should meet to clarify expected outcomes and set objectives that coordinate the employee's job to department and campus objectives.  

Below are some steps that you can take as a supervisor to help establish performance goals for your new hire:

  • Review the position description to ensure a clear understanding of job duties and responsibilities
  • Define customer base and discuss expectations for customer service
  • Establish Performance Expectations and means of assessment by referencing to the new employee's position description - take a look at this reference guide to assist with this step.
  • Review when and how to check-in and ask for help regarding assignments
  • Emphasize the importance of ongoing, open communication
    • Discuss the probationary period (if applicable)
    • Introduce the Performance Management process
    • Provide initial assignments that will allow your new employee to demonstrate his/her prior knowledge, competencies or ability to learn quickly


Completion of Probationary Period

At the end of probation make sure to congratulate your employee! Celebrate the new employee’s successes, help them identify areas where they need to grow and improve to achieve competencies related to their job, and discuss future projects and opportunities available to the new employee.

To learn more about what comes after completing a probation period, refer to the Supervisor’s Guide to Onboarding New UC ANR Employees: Sixth Month and First Year.


Release from Employment Prior to Career Status

At any time during the probationary period, an employee may be released in accordance with the appropriate personnel program/contract policy. Any release action must be reviewed and approved by the Staff Personnel Unit.


Extension of Probationary Period

Under appropriate circumstances, e.g., change of supervisor, leave of absence, or transfer to a different job during the probationary period, the probationary period may be extended at the discretion of the Staff Personnel Unit. See specific personnel program/contract policy.

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